Russian media touched on the possibility of Waliyeva changing her nationality in order to return to the country. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Russian media touched on the possibility of Waliyeva changing her nationality in order to return to the country.

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Russian figure skater Kamila Valiyeva (Russia), nicknamed “Despair. She challenged the Beijing Olympics as the most likely candidate for the gold medal, but was rocked by doping problems and finished 4th in the competition.

In the midst of all this, a shocking article about her future was published.

Waliyeva was photographed smiling with President Putin… (Photo: AFLO)

Will Waliyeva change her nationality?”

It was distributed by the Russian media outlet POPCAKE. Let’s take a look at its contents.


Although her words are muddled, it is clear from them that Wariyeva is looking for ways to make a name for herself in the international arena, even if it means changing her nationality.

Born April 26, 2006 in Kazan, Russia, Walyeva won the 2019 Junior Grand Prix Final and the 2020 World Junior Figure Skating Championships before entering the senior ranks in the 2021/2022 season. He immediately won both Skate Canada and the Russian Cup in succession, both with the highest scores in the world. At the Russian Championships, she won for the first time, breaking her own world record, though not recognized by the International Skating Union (ISU).

She also won the European Championships in January this year. Although she had no enemies on the way to the Beijing Olympics, she missed out on a medal, as mentioned above.

Of course, doping is a serious violation of the spirit of fair play. She was criticized by the world. On the other hand, there were also those who questioned how much judgment the 15-year-old had. In the meantime, she finished in fourth place in the individual competition, and ended the Beijing Olympics with a sense of disappointment.

Then, her native Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. As sanctions were imposed on Russia by the rest of the world, the sporting world also began to exclude Russia, and Russian athletes were excluded from the World Figure Skating Championships. This series of happenings raised concerns about her mental state.

In her current state, even if she wants to skate, it is difficult for her to do so. Considering her career, changing her nationality is definitely a move.

In any case, many fans would like to see her skate freely once again, without any restrictions. Whatever she decides, the fans will support her will at ……!

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