Koki and Cocomi’s “date photo with Takuya Kimura” makes fans happy…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koki and Cocomi’s “date photo with Takuya Kimura” makes fans happy…!

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A smiling two-shot with her mother, Shizuka Kudo, taken in Shibuya, Tokyo in November 2008.

Koki, the daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, and her older sister Cocomi have been making a big splash with their “date with daddy” photos on their Instagram accounts. 183,000 likes on Koki’s post! Cocomi’s post has 145,000 likes! Cocomi’s post has 145,000 likes!

They were out in Roppongi, Tokyo, and Koki was wearing a white super short sleeve shirt, yellow pants and black boots. Cocomi is wearing a red dress with heels.

Koki, wrote in her post, “It was a really short date, but it was fun ♡ after a long time. Cocomi, on the other hand, wrote, “I went on a date today, but only for a little while. I also saw my father. This is a commemorative photo.” …….

I’m sorry. “I’ve seen your father too. ……? I’m not sure if Kimura was with him or not. What the hell is going on?

It seems that the two of them found an advertisement of Kimura eating a Mac hamburger in Roppongi and took a commemorative photo. In the ad, Kimura, dressed in a suit, is eating a hamburger in a cool way, holding up his fingers. This unique way of holding the hamburger has been called “Kimura holding” on the Internet.

The two of them posed for a photo in front of the ad, doing the “Kimura hold” pose. It’s very cute and mischievous. It’s also a picture of family love. Although he doesn’t show it on TV much, Kimura seems to be trusted by his two daughters as a father.

Koki and Cocomi are both doing very well right now, with Koki taking the lead role in the movie “Cow’s Head Village” and Cocomi making her voice acting debut in the animated film “Nikuko-chan: The Fisherman’s Harbor. Koki, and Cocomi are also ambassadors for global brands such as Chanel and Dior, respectively.

While the two are flying high, their father, Kimura, will also be appearing in the international drama “The Swarm”. The drama is said to be entirely in English, and they were filming in Italy until the other day, but it seems that they have successfully completed the crank-up. I wonder how far the strongest family in history, the Kimura family, will go. I can’t take my eyes off them any more. ……!

  • Photo Yusuke Kondo

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