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Why Erina Iwata’s popularity has soared after “Sukkiri” “Mizuto Loss” was erased

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Anna Iwata at the graduation ceremony of Keio University. She was overwhelmingly popular at the graduation ceremony, and was surrounded by many of her classmates (’18).

She went on a rampage when Koji Kato was away on summer vacation.

It has been about five months since I became the MC of “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) this spring. I’ve been hearing praise for Erina Iwata from people at various stations, editors of entertainment and TV magazines, and others. In particular, her behavior from the 16th to the 20th, when MC Koji Kato was away on summer vacation, was astonishing.

On the 16th, substitute MC Yukiyoshi Ozawa said at the opening of the show, “This day has finally come, I’ve been appointed as MC, so thank you for all your hard work, Mr. Kato. I’ve taken over as MC, so thank you for all your hard work, Kato-san. Please take a rest without worry. With a mysterious expression, she said, “Yes. After bowing her head and saying, “It was only for a short time, but thank you for taking care of me,” she turned around and smiled, saying, “It’s not ……, is it?

On the 17th, Takahiko Fujii, who was the substitute MC, said, “Please take care of Mr. Iwata. Please follow me!” with a confident smile and a gutsy pose as he bowed his head. She smiled confidently.

On the 19th, substitute MC Haruna Kondo opened the show by asking, “By the way, have you been filming any movies lately? On the 19th, she asked Haruna Kondo, the substitute MC, “By the way, have you shot any movies lately?

On the 20th, he asked Ryota Yamasato, the substitute MC, “Did ‘Amanoe-san’ say anything to you? He then quizzed him on the characteristics of the newest robot. When Yamasato replied, “I guess it has become quite human-like in its movements…”, Anna Iwata, instead of accepting the answer, said, “Oh, it’s just a normal answer ……”, which made him upset. …? Then, I pulled out a bloke who said, “Well, I’ll destroy one country from the right launcher.

Kondo, who was suddenly asked to make a joke, laughed and said, “Iwata-chan comes on strong, doesn’t she? With an impish smile, she replied, “This is what I wanted to hear. Welcome back,” she replied, but “Sukkiri” has already become a program that can be driven by her. She had worked as a TV personality and a model before joining the company, but even with that in mind, there is no doubt that she has a lot of courage.

Taking on the role of a “can’t do” character with a smile

Of course, she also does a great job as an assistant in the program, and it seems that the previous MC, Asami Mizuto, is no longer suffering from “loss. Rather than ……, looking back, I feel that there was no “Asami Mizuto loss” in “Sukkiri” from the beginning when Iwata was replaced. In other words, she has been doing a great job and has a strong presence.

In the cooking corner called “Praised Recipes for Shusaku Toba’s Minna no Shokutaku,” Iwata said, “I don’t cook at all. I can only make tamago zosui (rice porridge with eggs). ……” She came out with a smile. In addition to this, she also reveals that she is not good at exercising, and always takes on the “I can’t do it” character with a big smile on her face. Her strength is that she has no pretensions and prioritizes laughter, which makes it difficult for her to make enemies of the same sex.

When she appears in variety shows, she shows off her special skills such as mimicry and magic, gulps down several glasses of her favorite milk in a food report, and competes with Chidori Daigo in diving into the ocean on location. In addition to his highly acclaimed announcing skills, his dexterity in being able to make people laugh in various ways shows that he is really capable of doing anything.

Less than half a year after joining the company, he became the facilitator of “Sekai Maru Mieru! TV Special Investigation Department” after less than six months in the company, and it is a well-known fact that he immediately won the hearts of Beat Takeshi and Tokoro George. TV Special Investigations,” and it’s no secret that he quickly won the hearts of Beat Takeshi and Tokoro George. However, he has also worked with different types of MCs such as Hideyuki Nakayama on “Shuichi,” Nine Nine on “Guru Ninety Nine,” Bananaman on “Boiling Word 10,” and Koji Kato on “Sukkiri. Considering the fact that she has only been with the company for a little over three years, it’s easy to see how good her communication skills are.

A cruel contrast with Seika Inoue, who is the same age as her

While Iwata celebrated her 26th birthday on August 30, another person of the same age who also had a big selection this spring was Fuji TV’s Seika Inoue. She was selected to be the main anchor of “Mezamashi TV,” the station’s flagship information program, beating out her senior colleagues, and there was a mood of “the birth of a new ace.

The mood was that a new ace was in the making. However, the timing of the report on the suspicion of stealing was at its worst, and her image was forced to suffer. Even if there is no legal problem and the act does not fall under the category of stealing, it will be difficult to recover the image of the viewers and it will take at least several years for them to forget about it.

In the spring, it was rumored that Iwata and Inoue would make a breakthrough in the December annual “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking,” but in just a few months, the two have become very different. Now, the only one who can break the stronghold of TV Asahi’s Ayaka Hironaka and Minami Tanaka, who have graced the one-two position for two consecutive years, is Iwata, who ranked eighth last year and has expanded her activities this year.

However, Erina Iwata must be in a period where she needs to be careful not to become a …… good thing.

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