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Staff Confesses! The Real Reputation of Celebrity Exposer Garcy in the TV Industry

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Garcy is getting an explosion of attention in the industry (from his YouTube channel).

Can you hear ……?

These are the famous lines of Yoshikazu Higashiya, a.k.a. Garcy, a YouTube personality who has been exposing the offstage of celebrities one after another. Although it has been covered in magazines and online news, it has so far been ignored by the wide variety of TV programs. What do the TV staff think of Garcy’s videos? We tried to find out what they really think.


(1) The answer from the information programs is, “They didn’t hear it”?


“The first thing that surprised us was the response from the information program staff. I thought that the information program people, who are supposed to be following the trends and disseminating them to the world on a daily basis, would naturally be checking out Garcy’s …”

“The other day, the staff members were trying to guess who would be Takashi Sorimachi’s next sidekick. Everyone mentioned Go Ayano (40), and I thought, ‘Why not Kei Tanaka (37)?’ Some said it would be Kei Tanaka (37).  And then there was Mackenyu Arata (25). I said, “What? Isn’t that a bad idea right now? Everyone looked at me with shock (laughs).”

(Laughs)” (Director of a production company) Since many of the directors of information programs are older men, many of them are not familiar with the trends of social networking. The author has experienced a situation where, about a year after Instagram became popular, a producer said in a meeting, “I heard there is now something called Instagram,” and the female ADs laughed. The staff of an information program has a habit of going to bed as soon as they have time because they have to stay at the station to check breaking news, and if they have time to watch YouTube, they want to sleep, so perhaps the fact that they are not in the habit of watching it is one reason why they cannot get in touch with Garcy.


However, Garcy has been featured in the Diet, so we expect that the day will soon come when the staff of the information program will notice him.


★②The answer from the variety show is “I will speak at the right time”?


Meanwhile, at the variety show meeting, Garcy is the topic of discussion.

He says, “If there is a staff member in a ZOOM meeting who is not getting sound from the microphone, it has become a common practice to tsk tsk in the Garcy-style, ‘Can you hear me? (Laughs.) Miracle Hikaru, a comedian, immediately did an impersonation of Garcy on his YouTube channel, and it got high ratings among the staff.”

(A director of a production company) Garcy is supposed to be a character suited for television, but considering his relationship with an entertainment agency, he was not able to put Garcy material on the airwaves. The staff was excited only at the meetings, but the wind is changing. The kicker was when Jun of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” said on his YouTube channel, “In order to collaborate with Mr. Garcy, we asked Yoshimoto Kogyo to check for anti-company, and they concluded that it was not anti-company.”

“I don’t know if it will be broadcast, but there was an entertainer who came out and said, ‘I’ve been attended to by Garcy at a variety show, and got a laugh out of it.’ At the moment, it is difficult to deal with the bombshells dropped by Garcy itself, but a rule is being established that it is OK to tease Garcy himself.”

“I think the timing is right for ABEMA and others to finish refunding the victims of the scam that was the kicker for Garcy to start exposing the scam. I wonder if it is possible that he will appear on TBS’s Sandê Japo (Sunday Japon)?” (Director of a key station)

Mackenyu under the concentrated fire of the Garcy Cannon.

The answer from 00 is, “I have nothing but gratitude.”

In the midst of all this, it was discovered that there is a TV person who is grateful to the Garcy Channel. It is a casting producer. He has been having a hard time physically examining the celebrities he invites to appear in dramas or as guests on his programs, but now he just needs to look at the Garcy Channel and he is fine. The producer of a key station says, “Even if a celebrity’s name is mentioned in a casting proposal, he is not allowed to appear.”


There is an anecdote in the TV industry that a man who had a grudge against an entertainment production company was once escorted off a station platform three times.

  • Reporting and writing Aida Pudding

    A broadcaster who has been drifting between the worlds of radio and television for more than 15 years.

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