Celebrating Marriage! Natsuki Taki’s “Premarital Asakusa Date” with a handsome office worker | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Marriage! Natsuki Taki’s “Premarital Asakusa Date” with a handsome office worker

Natsuki Taki announced her marriage live on "Hirunandes! announced her marriage live on "Hirunandesu! A happy date with her boyfriend, as seen only by this magazine, which scooped her passionate love affair.

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Holding each other’s hands tightly, Natsuki Taki and her boyfriend headed for Skytree. Perhaps enjoying herself, Natsuki Taki had a smile on her face throughout their date.

She said, “I’m getting married to someone I’ve been dating for a while. I will continue to do my best to make the most of my discoveries and experiences in my new life, and I look forward to working with you.”

On April 29, in an appearance on “Hirunandesu! for which she serves as an assistant, NTV’s Natsuki Taki, 28, spoke of her marriage aspirations. Her boyfriend is a classmate from her college days, as reported in the October 22/29, 2021 issue of “FRIDAY.

He is a company employee working for a general company. He is one year older than me, but we were classmates in college. We used to hang out a lot with mutual friends from our school days. However, at the time, we were just in the same group of close friends, but we were not particularly close.

It was not until after I graduated from college that our relationship changed. Even after we entered the workforce, we continued to get together in the same group on several occasions, and it seems that we naturally became attracted to each other through this process. I think it was about two and a half years ago that they started dating.

During their date, there was a scene where the boyfriend put his hand around Taki’s back and gently escorted her.

In fact, this magazine witnessed the happy, genuine face that Takiaki shows only in front of her boyfriend. Last September, the two were in Asakusa. After enjoying shopping while stopping by Uniqlo and Don Quijote, they crossed the Sumida River and went to a Japanese sweets shop.

After enjoying the sweet treat for about an hour, they walked to Sumida Park, which was crowded with families and couples in the twilight just before sunset. The two of them leaned close to each other and held each other’s hands without seeming to mind being seen. When waiting at a traffic light, he gently put his hand on Takiana’s back, and they seemed to be in a very friendly mood. Later, after shopping at a supermarket, they returned together to their apartment in central Tokyo.

I often tell him that I respect his attitude toward his work. We seem to have a mutually stimulating relationship. Natsuki enjoys motorcycles, but he doesn’t have a motorcycle license, so they often enjoy cycling together now.

Anna Taki has continued her relationship steadily and has successfully reached the goal. We hope they will continue to build a happy family!

After their date, they went shopping together. They went back to the same apartment.
They met up in front of the station a little after noon and enjoyed a six-hour date in the city.
  • Photo Takero Yui, Shu Nishihara

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