Why Haruka Ayase’s Favorability Rating Hasn’t Decreased Despite Reports of 100 Million Yen Investment Trouble | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Haruka Ayase’s Favorability Rating Hasn’t Decreased Despite Reports of 100 Million Yen Investment Trouble

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Haruka Ayase is reported to be in trouble with her own mother’s huge investments. This scandal has saved her in a pinch…?

Actress Haruka Ayase was reported in the September 16th issue of “Josei Seven” that her own mother is involved in a huge investment trouble.

According to the magazine, her mother, who is the representative director of Ayase’s private office, invested nearly 100 million yen of her private office’s money at the beginning of this year after A, a tax accountant who has been a close friend of the Ayase family for generations, suggested that she invest it. The agreement was for a 3% monthly yield, but in May, the monthly dividend payments stopped.

Since the dividend payments stopped after that, Ayase consulted her tax advisor in Tokyo who supported her. This tax accountant was Mr. A’s son, and he immediately cancelled the contract and asked for a refund.

Ayase was furious when she found out that a group of three people in their thirties were actually managing the money, and that they were pestering the elderly who were ignorant of investment and management.

“The top earners for Hollipro have been Ayase, Akiko Wada and Satoshi Tsumabuki for the past few years, with no major changes. Among them, Ayase is the best-selling actress with several national clients.

She starred in NHK’s historical drama “Yae no Sakura” in 2001 and hosted the Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year, making her one of the best actresses in Japan. It is estimated that her annual income is no less than 300 million yen.

Ayase’s father died the year before last, and she has been worried about her mother, who runs a farm in her hometown of Hiroshima. Ayase’s father died the year before last, and she was worried about her mother, a farmer in her hometown of Hiroshima.

He made full use of his office and the contacts of his acquaintances to push the investment group into a corner, and at the same time, he said to his disappointed mother

“At the same time, she cheerfully told her mother, who was disappointed, “If you don’t get your money back, don’t worry about it.

If you don’t get it back, don’t get it back.

Normally, an investment scandal involving a major celebrity would be sensationalized, and it would not be surprising if it affected the image of the celebrity. However, Ayase’s behavior has turned it into a “deep story,” which is scary.

Not only that, but even the criticism of Ayase as a “senior citizen” when it was reported that she was hospitalized after being infected with a new type of corona has been drowned out. According to a mid-level production executive

“This is the amazing thing about Haruka Ayase. She can completely change the atmosphere of a scene. It’s the same on the set. When she comes on the set, the atmosphere is relaxed. I’ve seen a lot of actresses who get pissed off when they become successful, but she’s always smiling and treats the ADs on the set with an open mind.

She doesn’t have the proportions of a supermodel, nor is her acting top-notch. Still, when I compare him to the actors at my own place, I think, ‘I’ll never be able to beat them.

In the entertainment industry, she is well-liked by “big names” such as Takuya Kimura and Shinichi Tsutsumi of Johnny’s. According to another person involved in the entertainment industry, she is a favorite of the “big boys. According to another entertainment industry insider.

“I’ve heard that Kimura says he never gets tired of watching her (laughs). (laughs) Ayase is a natural in a good way, so there are always hilarious episodes on set. Mr. Tsutsumi also tells people around her that she’s really great.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

It is said that Horipro is trying to nurture Ayase as the “Sayuri Yoshinaga of Towa. Every year in August, Ayase listens to the stories of war survivors in a special program on TBS’s “News23. She has also visited Fukushima, the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, many times for NHK’s programs.

In the 2012 Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Contest), she sang NHK’s reconstruction song “Hana wa Saku” and was so moved that she cried. In the rehearsal, she was playing out of tune, but in the performance, she took it all in stride. It was something else entirely.

It seems that Haruka Ayase’s “reign of terror” will continue for the time being.

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