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Cabaret Actress Revealed Stabbing Incidents

Asuna Sakura, an active cabaret girl, saw it! Kabukicho Yabasai Jinzu Zukan

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“Four hosts that I know of first hand have been stabbed or nearly stabbed.”

Asuna Sakura, who draws manga and works at a famous cabaret club in Kabukicho, confides that she knows Kabukicho inside and out. She lives in an apartment in Kabukicho and also manages a company that introduces night work.

Hosts are synonymous with Kabukicho, and since they catch them on the street or come to the cabarets for drinks, people like Ms. Sakura, who lives in Kabukicho, naturally have many opportunities to get involved with them.

Ms. Sakura reveals, “Recently, the number of cases of hosts being stabbed in Kabukicho has been increasing rapidly.

It is a disturbing story, but to give an example, in 1919, a host was stabbed by a woman who was working both as a girl’s bar and in the sex industry, and it became a major incident. A photo of him with a kitchen knife stuck in him spread on social networking sites. According to a person who attended the trial, the following is how the case ended.

The victim hostess appeared in court wearing a purple hoodie and a jersey. The woman claimed that the host was violent toward her on a daily basis, punching and kicking her even when she was stabbed. In the end, the host received a settlement of 5 million yen from the assailant.

This is just a well-known case, but a host of Mr. Sakura’s acquaintance was also once involved in a stabbing incident. At first he was scared and banned the woman who stabbed him from the restaurant, saying that he would “disassociate himself from his customers,” but a few months later he started seeing her in the restaurant again. Is it an aspect of Kabukicho that as long as you pay, a certain amount of things are tolerated? 

Why is it so easy for incidents involving hostesses to occur?

There are many women who spend a lot of money in host clubs who also make money in the water business. They are under a lot of stress at work. It is not unusual for them to spend several million yen, sometimes even 10 million yen, in a single day.

They try to be good in front of their favorite hostesses and put up with their dissatisfaction, but they become emotionally unstable because the hostesses also date other customers, do pillow fights, and sometimes neglect to contact them,ending up to getting stabbed, “ said Sakura.

The scene of the crime is usually the woman’s home. Ms. Sakura continues.

Most of the hostesses we have talked to who have been stabbed say that they were stabbed at the homes of their clients. In the host industry, there is a term called home visit,” which literally means that the host often goes to the client’s. This way, the host can estimate the approximate rent, how much the woman earns from her room, and how much money she can spend at the restaurant. It is also easier to guess what kind of things she likes and the balance of her personality and physical and mental state from the appearance of her room.

For the client, the host is an “unrealistic existence. By going to the homes where female guests live their daily lives, they can create a sense of specialness. Women are happy to have their guesses” (hosts whom they support) come to their homes.The hosts can save money on food and drinks to meet outside of the store and on hotels for pillow fights, thus killing two birds with one stone.

However, when the hostess is at her own house, it is easier for the girl to express her emotions, which she usually suppresses. This is where they often explode in anger and stab the host.

This is another strange story, but not many hosts quit, even when the trouble is so severe that they end up with sword wounds. On the contrary, there are many strongmen who use the stabbing as a story to make money. This is why Kabukicho is called the “devil’s capital.

  • Manga Asuna Sakura

    An active cabaret actress who lives in Kabukicho and works at one of the most famous establishments in Japan. She also manages a night work introduction company. She is also active on Twitter (@sakuraasuna01).

  • Interview and writing Yutaisha

    Writer. A sex worker who lives near Kabukicho and is familiar with hosts and host clubs, she spends her days teasing hosts on SNS and on the street.

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