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Revelation on Why “GaSsy CH” Cannot be easily Move by the Police

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Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya of “GaSsy CH” continues to expose the private lives of celebrities. It has been revealed that he owes 60 million yen from his target, Arata Mensuke … (from his official YouTube page)Yoshikazu Azumaya, aka “GaSsy,” who continues to expose the dark side of the entertainment industry, has been in a cloud of doubt.

On his YouTube channel, he has been dropping scandals about Masaru Shirota, Tsuyoshi Ayano, and Tasuku Nitta, among others, one after another. His channel, including its sub-channels, has nearly 1.5 million subscribers, and his ability to communicate has he seems to be aware of his status as an influencer, often saying in his videos, “I have a lot of influence.”

Higashitani’s talk is light and witty, and his tempo and expressions are unintentionally catchy. The fact that he suddenly gets snippy in his Kansai dialect is also addictive. industry knowledge, it is hard to ignore it as material for a story.

However, accusations of Higashitani’s true identity have been coming in one after another, mainly in the “Josei Seven” and “Post Seven” magazines. In an interview with the magazine, Kazuyoshi Murakami, a representative of M & Leaves, the office of the “Garcy Cannon” star, revealed that Nitta had loaned him 60 million yen in the past, which has not yet been repaid.

Higashitani immediately touched on this issue in the video, admitting that he had received 60 million yen.

I think this is the most interesting part, but I’ll be honest. I lost everything in what is called illegal gambling and cheating.

I was cheated out of everything, “he confessed. Murakami also responded with a shocking confession.

This is not a satisfactory explanation as to why I cannot repay the money.

Mr. Murakami also voiced his anger.

Originally, Higashitani’s life took a dark turn when he was exposed for his “scam to get people to meet BTS,” and he was reborn as a fearful YouTube personality. ..

“I don’t blame anyone for calling it a scam,” he admitted.

He has admitted that he is a scammer, and has stated that he will repay all the victims in full. He has appointed Hiroki Takahashi, a lawyer who is known as an “acquittal contractor,” as the contact person for repayment. A reporter from the society section of a national newspaper commented on this move.

One reason is probably fear of being banned from the YouTube channel. The other is that the situation with Mr. Azumaya is still ongoing, and we, the reporters of the society section, are interested in it. A shocking development is also possible, ” he said.

He added, “There may be some shocking developments.

In addition, Mr. Azumaya “confessed” to having participated in ultra-high stakes mahjong games. There are also reports that he has large debts from gambling. In response to an interview with “Josei Seven” about this, Mr. Higashitani said, “I can’t turn myself in alone.”

I am not the only one to turn myself in, he told Josei Seven in an interview. (If the celebrities (named in the YouTube video) turn themselves in, I would be willing to turn myself in with them.

He responded, “I’m not the only one who would turn myself in.” Although this could be described as an open and honest theory, it is significant that we were able to glimpse a part of Higashitani’s true nature.

Just as Masaru Shirota’s work was affected by Mr. Higashitani’s revelations, the client side is suspicious of him. It’s too late for them to get a good look at the truth. But now that Mr. Azumaya’s own ugly story has come to light, they can fairly and honestly say to their clients, “Do you believe the story of a person with this kind of background?”

In the BTS scam, Mr. Azumaya deceived a female victim. it is also known that Higashitani is suspected of “fabricating” LINE communication with the BTS members in order to deceive the female victims. In other words, even if he were to provide video evidence from now on, it would still be called a “fabrication. Moreover, the wide shows and newspapers will not take his story seriously.

Although Mr. Azumaya has some enthusiastic supporters, the majority of viewers are motivated by a curiosity to “take a peek” behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. A reporter for a sports newspaper commented.

The boom is transient. GaSsy himself knows that. So he is trying to make money when he can,but how will the viewers judge the series of news reports?

But what will the viewers make of the series of news reports? What is clear at this point is that the story that Azumaya risked his life to expose is unlikely to cause immediate action by the police or cause the entertainment industry to be turned upside down.

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