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Shizuka Kudo’s Daughter Koki’s Continuously Bragging About Her Cooking Skills

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Model Koki, the second daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, is in the news for being too in love with her mother. Recently, the two have been showing off their closeness, such as when Koki revealed a wisteria flower that she gave to her mother, Shizuka Kudo, 12 years ago. In fact, this time Kudo proudly introduced something Koki had made on Instagram!

The two of them are the best of the friends

Koki was born in 2003 and attended an international school, so she speaks fluent English. She also attracted attention for her overwhelming beauty from an early age, and made a strong debut in 2018 while still in international school, gracing the cover of “ELLE JAPON” at the age of 15.

She also made her debut as an actress in the film “Ushikubi Village” directed by Takashi Shimizu, which was released on February 18, 2022, and in which she suddenly played the lead role. At the completion preview of the film, she attracted attention with her tearful appeal, saying, “I hope as many people as possible will see this film, which was created as a team effort with the director, staff, and co-stars.”

Koki is also well known among her fans as a good friend of her mother, Kudo. It seems that Koki usually makes breakfast, and Kudo often shows her gorgeous breakfasts on Instagram with comments such as “Always made by @Koki. The colorful dishes, which include avocado slices, prosciutto ham, and figs, have delighted fans with a different view of the world from the purely Japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup, and fried eggs.

And now Kudo has revealed a pound cake made by Koki.

I was cleaning up the yard and @koki baked a pound cake for me.

Kudo introduced a pound cake with raisins and other ingredients on a plate. Koki’s sense of style shines through.

Amidst all the gloomy news, Koki and Koki’s posts are becoming more and more important to brighten up the world. Fans can’t take our eyes off of Japan’s most powerful mother and child any longer at ……!

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