Will Mackenyu Arata and Exposure YouTuber Garcy Finally Meet in Face-to-Face in Court? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Will Mackenyu Arata and Exposure YouTuber Garcy Finally Meet in Face-to-Face in Court?

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Yoshikazu Higashiya of “Garcy Ch” continues to expose celebrities without fear of lawsuits (from official YouTube)

Yoshikazu Higashiya of “Garcy Ch” has gained popularity as an “exposer” who exposes the private lives of celebrities. The April 21 issue of Josei Seven (Women’s Magazine) reported that his target, actor Mackenyu Arata , had a debt of 60 million yen, in an article titled “The History of a Man Exposed  in the Entertainment Industry, a Record of Fraud.”


“Garcy exposed the private life of Mackenyu Arata as a commemoration of his one millionth registered user. In it, he pointed out the allegation that he had received the reward for “stealth marketing” (hereinafter referred to as “stemmer”) on SNS introduced by Higashiya in cash, without going through his office. The report pointed out such things as the fact that Higashiya had been paid in cash without going through his office.”

“He also exposed his relationships with multiple women,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

The office of Arata seriously refuted the revelations. The magazine interviewed him. According to the article, the office said

“Mr. Higashiya‘s statements contain obvious falsehoods, factual errors, and inconsistencies in the timeline, and he himself clearly denies any criminal acts such as tax evasion.”

The firm responded, “We are going to take legal action as soon as possible.”

“If a legal battle were to break out, even the TV networks and sports papers, which until now have ignored Garcy’s revelations, would probably bite. If that happens, unlike Garcy, who is a die-hard “I’ll be damned if I’m dead” kind of guy, Arata will probably suffer more than Garcy.

In fact, the trial, which is likely to be a prelude to the trial, may start in a surprising way.

In response to Higashiya‘s claim, Takashi Tachibana, leader of the party that protect citizens who do not pay NHK subscription fees (NHK Party), called for a boycott campaign against actor Tsuyoshi Ayano, claiming that it is inappropriate for him to appear in dramas and commercials. Speaking of Ayano, it was revealed that he may have had relations with a minor.”

“However, Ayano’s office sent a “warning letter” to the NHK party through a lawyer by certified mail. In response, Representative Tachibana made the letter public and stated that he would file a lawsuit against Ayano to confirm the existence of a debt for damages.”

The trial, which is about to begin without Higashiya‘s direct involvement, could be called an “off-the-cuff brawl”. However, if Higashiya were to provide evidence, even indirectly, Ayano’s private life could be exposed not only on the Internet but also in court.

“Whether or not the court will recognize it, Ayano’s and Arata’s private lives will be exposed in court. Moreover, the documents will be made public in principle, so anyone will be able to view them.”

“As they have appeared in numerous dramas and commercials, it would be a blow to them if even a part of their personal lives were recognized as ‘fact’ by the court. In that sense, it will be a battle that Ayano and Arata cannot afford to lose.” (entertainment professionals)

Garcy, who turned into a YouTube exposer due to financial troubles, will likely take his next revelation to court.

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