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Hiroyuki Miyasako’s “stellar part-time job” even sparked a flurry of activity after the breakup

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Hiroyuki Miyasako, who has been recruited for a suspicious “stealthy” part-time job. I’m not sure what to make of it.

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This is the first time I’ve been able to get a good look at the way the world works.

In early September, a job to “write an article in support of Miyasako” was advertised on “Cloudworks,” a crowdsourcing service that matches individuals and companies who offer jobs with those who want to take them on. The application period was from September 5th to the 19th, but it was closed a few days earlier than planned, probably because of the buzz on SNS that the job was “kind of weird…”.

“I thought it would be interesting to apply for the job on the 17th because it had become a hot topic. I thought it would be interesting, so I applied on the 17th, but the next day I received a notice from the office that the recruitment had ended. I had inquired about the specifics of the job, but in the end, there was no reply from the company I applied to.

In response to such a call, Miyasako updated her YouTube channel on the 19th. In the video, he says

“In the video, Miyasako says, “There is a possibility that people will think I’m writing this because I’m getting paid for it. If you read too much into it, you might think I’m harassing you to make you think that…”

I was puzzled. He revealed that he had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, he said.

“I hope it’s something that was set up as a favor to me, but it could lead to strange misunderstandings. I think it’s not good if other magazines write about this kind of thing in a strange way. If you’re reading this, please stop.

He was pleading with the recruiter.

Recently, Miyasako, perhaps feeling that it was hopeless for him to return to TV after the breakup, said, “I want to make a lot of money, quit, and go into hiding,” and revealed on his YouTube channel that he would actively accept corporate PR projects.

“I originally started YouTube as a comedian to be back beside my partner Toru Hotaruhara, but now I can’t do that anymore. I think it’s a valuable platform where you can send out your comments, but in the end it’s become a place to make money.

As it loses the perspective of its fans and viewers, it will become a channel that reeks of money as more and more videos are made to advertise their own stores or promote their companies. This is the same time as the announcement that the channel is looking for a part-time job, so it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride.

The YouTube channel that was released after the breakup and has over a million views is the one uploaded the day after the breakup, “Behind the scenes of Ametalk! and about their future activities. The other two videos were about their future activities. That’s still impressive enough, but I guess it’s honestly not enough.

“When he did a collaboration video with his junior comedian, Nakayamakinni-kun, it became a hot topic because the number of low ratings on Kinni-kun’s video exceeded the number of high ratings. If this keeps happening… If this kind of thing continues, there will be many comedians who will no longer feel the benefit of performing with Miyasako. If this is the case, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to collaborate with Miyasako now that the duo has broken up and he has distanced himself from Yoshimoto. It’s possible that the popular channel that we’ve worked so hard to build will fizzle out,” says an entertainment industry insider.

“Miyasako has declared that she is going to get a corporate project. Will Miyasako be able to overcome the unexpected situation of being recruited for a part-time job and continue to release an attractive channel?

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