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Similar discomfort as the “SMAP apology” in the apology video of the Shugakukan soccer club

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The fact that SMAP, a meritorious member of the office, apologized on live TV for something that was not a scandal only left a bad aftertaste…

It will be a digital tattoo and there is no denying the possibility that it will affect his future life.

A video of a male coach of a private Shugakukan High School soccer team in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture, assaulting a member of the team was spread on SNS, causing a huge firestorm. The students who were the victims of the assault posted a video on the official Twitter page of the soccer club apologizing for their actions.

After much bashing from the public, the video was deleted on the afternoon of April 23. Then came a further surprise.

《Having returned home from school, the dormitory key did not open easily, and he became emotional and made a comment that made fun of the coach, which was the cause of this incident. He also wrote on social networking sites that “violence is an everyday occurrence,” but that is not true.

I thought about talking to the director about it, but I got emotional and posted it on social networking sites. This led to the media reporting something that was not true.

Eleven members of the soccer team lined up side by side with mysterious faces and posted a video apologizing and bowing their heads, saying that they had “caused a stir in the world.

The video, which was covered by a wide variety of media, shows the soccer coach repeatedly kicking and punching the students while they were standing and unresisting.

The student says he made a comment that made the coach look stupid, but even if that were the case, he should not be allowed to assault a student so unilaterally. It is not the student who should show his face and apologize, but this coach and the person in charge of the school. If it were general society, it should be treated as an injury case. I don’t understand why the situation is so distorted.

On the 25th, Shugakukan soccer team coach Kazutsugu Danbara appeared on the information program “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). Although he apologized for the disturbance, he said, “We are responsible for this.

He said, “We, the adults, are responsible for this. Children are trying to take another step toward the future in the midst of this turmoil. It is totally fine for me to be blamed. It’s just that the kids need their coaches to help them move on.”

He also defended the coach who assaulted him, saying.

He asked, “Why would the members of the soccer team at one of the strongest schools in the prefecture show their faces and apologize to the public? Was the Twitter apology video really filmed and posted by the students themselves? Great questions remain. The school must have been aware of the content of the video posted on its official Twitter page.

In the apology video, the student himself said, “Please spread the word,” but the video was later deleted due to the firestorm on the Internet. If the school had been forced to film the apology video, that would also be a problem.

After watching the video of the apology by the club members, a certain celebrity’s “apology press conference” has again become a topic of conversation on the Internet. It was an apology program by SMAP that was broadcast in 2004.

At the time, the issue of SMAP’s independence was widely reported in weekly magazines and other media, and in January 2004, the five members appeared together live on “SMAP x SMAP” (Fuji TV), which was their regular program. They apologized for the uproar and declared that the group would continue to exist.

However, in August of that year, they announced that the group would disband within the year. In June of the following year, Kusanagi, Katori, and Inagaki would leave the Johnny’s office. In the end, the apology left only a bad aftertaste.

The fact that SMAP, who had reigned as the top idols, made an apology on live TV simply to apologize for the breakup fiasco reported by the media shocked not only their fans but also many others. Moreover, at that time, Kusanagi said

Kimura-kun gave me the opportunity to apologize to Mr. Janney, and now we are standing here.

It was a moment when he gave in to an irresistible force.

The video probably gave viewers a sense of déjà vu, as if they were being forced to apologize to the school for the Shugakukan soccer team members and to the Johnny’s office for SMAP, an entity that is hard to resist. And the soccer team members were the victims of assault by their coach.

And yet, they were made to apologize side by side, and the video was distributed. It is understandable that many people feel that the aftertaste is the same as that of SMAP.

(A wide-angle source) The latest disturbance caused by a nationally famous soccer club. The roots still seem to run deep…

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