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Gershey’s Debt of 40 Million Yen “Shouldered by a Famous Doctor” to Accelerate Exposure

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Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya aka Garcy collaborated for the first time with Mr. Yasushi Aso of Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery. The doctor took on a 40 million yen debt for him… (from YouTube’s “Gershey ch”)

On April 21, a live distribution was held on “Gershey ch,” the YouTube channel of the revealing YouTube star Yoshikazu Higashitani, with the content “[Urgent live distribution] Today’s first face-to-face collaboration live distribution”. As the title suggests, this was the first face-to-face collaboration.

Mr. Azumaya has a history of cheating fans out of their money by saying he would take them to see BTS, and he started a YouTube channel to repay his victims. The amount was apparently 40 million yen.

The person who decided to collaborate with Azumaya was Mr. Yasushi Aso, the general director of Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery.

Mr. Aso is himself a YouTuber, and in addition, his son, Takumi Aso, is a ticktocker. Takumi is popular as a “rich man’s son” who uses Aso’s money to buy brand-name goods, etc. He and his son appeared together on the TV Tokyo program “Chituro Hattarou -Star’s Latest Report,” which aired on January 14.

However, according to Mr. Aso, the growth of YouTube was slowing down, and it was at this time that he turned to the most popular YouTube star of the moment, Mr. Higashitani, and asked him to collaborate with him.

After much deliberation, Mr. Azumaya said that he was surprised when Mr. Aso gave him the OK with two words: “I will collaborate with you if you can cover my debt of 40 million yen. Mr. Aso said that he was surprised that Mr. Aso agreed to lend him the money, even though he had been discouraged from doing so by those around him.

It is true that the video received one million views in one day, and 40 million yen is not a high price to pay to advertise on TV and other media using celebrities. Moreover, Mr. Azumaya has promised that he will definitely repay the money to Mr. Aso. If the investment amount is also returned, it is a “cheap investment. (A person involved in a wide-ranging TV show)

The collaboration was a win-win situation, and Mr. Azumaya will set up a lawyer to repay the victims.

However, the “Josei Seven” magazine published on January 21 reported that Mr. Higashitani owes a large sum of money, 60 million yen from Kensuke Nitta and 50 million yen from Akira Kuwahara of the rock band “RADWIMPS. Mr. Azumaya promised to repay him the 60 million yen as well, while making all kinds of revelations about Serious Tasuku.

Mr. Higashitani was also exposed for his alleged role as an intermediary in the “Tasuku Serious Tasuku’s troubles with women and his alleged stellar performance. Mr. Higashitani suspects that the 60 million yen “actual money” was also the money he made from the stoma.

Mr. Higashitani has suggested that he would hand over the proof of the cash payment to the tax office, so there is no possibility of any major repercussions depending on future developments. Mr. Serious Tasuku left a major entertainment agency and is now an independent agency. It is safe to say that he no longer has the backing of the entertainment industry to protect him.

Mr. Azumaya was able to complete a certain amount of misogi by having a savior on his side in the form of Mr. Aso. He was happy to be able to rampage without hesitation from now on.

Gershi-ch” earns money by exposing scandals about Tasuku in order to pay back Tasuku’s debts. The relationship between the two seems to be very distorted, but perhaps this is just the way of the new era….

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