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South Korean volleyball sisters suspected of bullying, flee overseas in forbidden move

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Beautiful sisters, Jaeyeon (left) and Dayeon. Dae Young was especially popular for her cheerful personality. Photo taken in January this year (Image: AFP/Afro)

Seven months have passed since allegations of severe bullying surfaced. The beautiful sisters of the former national volleyball team of South Korea, who have been criticized, are trying to get out of their predicament in a forceful way.

On September 17, the Greek media “FOS” reported the surprising news. PAOK Thessaloniki VC has acquired the twins, Lee Jae-Yong and Dae-Yong (both 24), who were suspended and disqualified from the South Korean national team due to violence during their school days. They are expected to join the team in the near future.

The sisters have been under heavy criticism in South Korea due to bullying allegations that came to light in February.

“In February, the sisters came under heavy criticism in Korea for alleged bullying. It was an accusation from a victim who said she was severely beaten up in junior high school. The accusation reads as follows The sisters are the perpetrators, but they never apologized to us or showed any remorse. I wonder if they feel sorry for themselves.

The victim was not alone. Several of his teammates from junior high school were verbally abused, saying things like “You’re dirty” and “Don’t come next to me. A player who shared a dorm room with him was ordered to run errands after lights out, and when he refused, he was threatened with a knife. When they lost a game, some of them were hit on the head with their fists.

The sisters’ harassment was not limited to violence. If they felt that we were not tense enough during practice, they would demand money in the name of a “fine. After practice, they would take turns giving her massages. The victim said, ‘Every day was hell.'” (Korean newspaper reporter)

Jae-Yong and Dae-Yong were popular as beautiful sisters and appeared on Korean variety shows and in commercials for Kia Motors and other companies. Their father is a former hammer thrower, and their mother was a member of the 1988 Seoul Olympics volleyball team. Her father is a former hammer thrower, and her mother was a member of the 1988 Seoul Olympics volleyball team. She is a famous Korean athlete who has been in the spotlight since she was in elementary school because of her parents’ physical abilities. The scandal of the popular sisters only increased the furor. Kokkyo Life Insurance, to which the sisters belonged, made an official apology, and the sisters were stripped of their representative status, closing the door on their dream of participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

Why are their annual salaries so low?

“The sisters have denied some of the accusations, but the bashing in Korea has not stopped. The sisters have denied some of the accusations, but the bashing in South Korea has not stopped, and a transfer to Greece has emerged as the furor has not ended. The annual salary is reported to be 40,000 Euros (about 5.1 million yen) each, which is too cheap compared to his time with the Korean team. Including options, Jae-yong’s salary was said to be 600 million won (about 60 million yen) and Dae-yong’s was 400 million won (about 40 million yen).

They must have decided to accept the lower salary because there was no future for them in Korea. It seems that many fans took it as a way to escape responsibility by fleeing overseas.

On August 25, the Korean Volleyball Association issued a statement calling for a halt to the sisters’ actions. “The Korean Volleyball Association issued a statement on August 25, waiting for the sisters’ action, saying, “Our position that we will not issue international transfer certificates (to the two) remains unchanged. An international transfer certificate is mandatory for any overseas transfer. Without the cooperation of the association, the transfer cannot take place. The association stressed that it would not allow players with domestic problems to move abroad, and it looked as if the trade talks to Greece would be abandoned. But …….

“The Turkish agency CAAN, with which the sisters are contracted, appealed directly to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). They used a lawyer specializing in sports. The specific method is unknown, but it seems to have been quite forceful. It’s a forbidden move to negotiate without the head of the Korean association. The FIVB announced its interpretation that the sisters’ punishment would be limited to Korea. The situation took a sudden turn, and they were able to move to a Greek team without an international transfer certificate.

The two players are believed to have already left for Greece. The sisters, who went abroad without a clear explanation of the bullying allegations, are once again causing a huge outcry in South Korea.

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