Kei Komuro’s “Awareness as a Lawyer” Challenged by Reports of Student Visa Fraud | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro’s “Awareness as a Lawyer” Challenged by Reports of Student Visa Fraud

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Kei Komuro and his mother, Kayo Komuro, are about to marry Princess Mako, but suspicions keep popping up.

I wonder how many more allegations are going to come out…

Kei Komuro, who is expected to marry Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, has been hit with yet another “new suspicion.

The September 22 issue of Shukan Bunshun reported on allegations that there may have been irregularities in the visa she received to study at the University of California in 2012.

To apply for a student visa, one needs to submit a certificate of balance to the U.S. Embassy, and Mr. Komuro borrowed 2 million yen from his mother’s ex-fiancé, Mr. A, to cover the cost. In short, she may have been using temporary “show money” to pay for the documents needed to prove her wealth.

In a 28-page document released by Mr. Komuro in April this year, this is what he wrote

I had asked my ex-fiancee to temporarily transfer 2 million yen to me. When my mother told him that she wanted to return the money to him since she had successfully obtained a visa, he told her that it would be too much trouble to transfer the money every time, and that she should use it for her living expenses for the time being, so she decided to use it for her living expenses.

This can be seen as a “pledge” to show that he used the money as a “sham” to get through the visa application process. In the end, the money was not returned to Mr. A, but went into the pockets of the Komuro family. If this is true, it could be taken to mean that he initially applied to the U.S. Embassy under the pretense of having property.

The “Komuro Documents” were written this year, so as an aspiring lawyer, I can only say that he is being lax. “The document was written to assert that there was no trouble between her and her ex-fiancee, Mr. A, and that’s why it was so ragged.

If the embassy had found out about the fraud in the first place, there is a possibility that she would not have been granted a visa, and in the worst case scenario, she could have been banned from entering the U.S. permanently.

Mr. Komuro will temporarily return to Japan in late September, and once the quarantine period is over, he will hold a press conference with Princess Mako. If she and Mako hold a press conference, it will be run by the Imperial Household Agency, and if the questions are vetted in advance, it is highly likely that the press conference will not be a place to pursue or explain such allegations.

In the past, a celebrity who had an affair, after causing an uproar all over Japan, finally decided to hold a press conference and appeared in front of the media, but was only allowed to speak one way and not ask any questions. The TV personality poured oil on the fire, and her return was further delayed.

If Ms. Komuro refuses to answer any of the allegations, won’t that further upset the public?

In the end, it is highly likely that the wish of her former fiancé, Mr. A, “to have an explanation from Ms. Kayo herself,” will not be fulfilled; on September 14, the lawyer in charge of the Komuro family summoned Mr. A’s representative, but “I cannot see Ms. Kayo. “He told them.

“I suspect that Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako are thinking about how to evade the pursuit of the allegations because they believe that in the end, once they submit the marriage certificate and move to the U.S., the pursuit of the allegations will all be over. I believe that the Imperial Household Agency is thinking the same way to some extent. The Imperial Household Agency is thinking the same thing to a certain extent. In order to prevent as much fire as possible from falling on the Imperial Family, including the Akishino family, they can’t afford to hold press conferences to explain the allegations.

(Imperial family journalist) However, this would mean that Prince Akishino would have to leave Japan with “no answer” to his wish to “give an explanation that the people can understand. Although the marriage is far from a celebratory event, in order to at least show the public their sincerity, Ms. Komuro and Ms. Kayo should hold a “mother and son press conference” and explain the allegations in their own words. I think that’s a good idea.

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