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Growing Expectations for Cocomi’s “YouTube Channel Launch”…!

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If her father were to make an appearance… it would be a very big deal.

Cocomi, the eldest daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, has revealed that she is open to opening her own YouTube channel.

Cocomi began playing the violin at the age of 3 and started playing the flute at 11. she participated in the All Japan Student Music Competition in 2018 and won the highest prize at the Japan Music Competition the following year, as well as the All Japan Student Music Competition.

He is currently studying flute at Toho Gakuen School of Music, where he is a student of Hiroaki Kanda, principal flutist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra. It has been announced that she will debut on the prestigious DECCA GOLD label in New York, USA, and her debut album “de l’amour” will be released on April 29.

In the midst of all this, Cocomi mentioned on Instagram about the possibility of opening her own YouTube channel. During an exchange in which she answered questions from fans using the Insta story function, she suddenly blurted out the following.

When asked in English if she was thinking of opening a YouTube channel, Cocomi replied in English, “It sounds very fun. But I’m not very good at editing videos.

Although it is still just a nuance of “I am interested,” if Cocomi were to open a YouTube channel, this would be big news. Fans all over the world will be very happy. Incidentally, there must be someone who can edit the video for us if we can find him or her. There must be many people who would love to have Cocomi do it for them.

Cocomi has become a star around the world, and her younger sister Koki recently debuted as a leading actress in a movie. We can’t take our eyes off of Cocomi any longer at ……!

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