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Daily Facial Care” Supports the Popularity of Famed Actress Mikako Ichikawa

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NHK’s TV series “Come Come Everybody” moved Japan to tears early in the morning. In this masterpiece, Mikako Ichikawa (43) played an important role as the person who closely observes the checkered life of the main character.

Ichikawa is the best actress in the film (Jiji Press).

Ichikawa became an exclusive model for “Olive” in 1994 and made her acting debut in 1998, winning the Best Actress Award at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2003 for her first movie “blue” and the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for “Shin Godzilla” in 2016.

Although she does not belong to a major entertainment agency, she has been appearing in dramas for the past few years thanks to her proven acting ability. It is no exaggeration to say that she is an indispensable presence in Japanese drama productions today.

(A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper).

In the last two years alone, he has been very active in the following dramas: “Today’s Nekomura-san” (April 9, 2020- TV Tokyo), “BG – Personal Bodyguard” (June 18, 2020- TV Asahi), “Kono Koi Atarimasu ka” (October 20, 2020- TBS), “Soyada Toako to San no Motohusband” (April 13, 2021- Fuji TV), “DCU” ( (January 16, 2022-/ TBS).

In addition, he has been announced as the lead in the original drama series “Sorekareta kenkou mukete dakara” for the video distribution site “Paravi” which will start distribution in late April. which will start streaming in late April. As for movies, “The Voice of Sin” will be released in October 2020, and “TANG Tang” is scheduled to be screened this August. She is also starring in a new commercial for Canon Marketing, which has been airing since April 7.

Like her sister Miwako Ichikawa, she is a model-turned-actress. Like her sister, Miwako Ichikawa, she is a model-turned-actress. She is transparent and charming, and she brings a sense of reality to her work, which is a rare quality. Her modesty and positive attitude have been appreciated by producers, and some have said that she is most attractive when she wears no makeup.

There seems to be a clear reason why Ichikawa is so attractive.

I heard that around the beginning of 2020, she started to take extra care of herself because she had a lot of important work ahead of her. I hear that she has started to take a drastic approach to her facial care since around the beginning of 2020, because she has a lot of important work ahead of her.

As mentioned above, Ichikawa’s activities since 2008 have been remarkable, and her beauty salons in Tokyo have been supporting her.

The beauty salon is run by a single therapist, and each 40-minute session costs about 30,000 yen. It is not a dramatic change in appearance; it is a natural procedure, but the effects are easy to see and the reputation is very good. Before starting the treatment, they have a thorough consultation to rub together the “ideal face. The therapist’s touch is so comfortable that the patient usually falls asleep.

When I asked this person to explain more about the “natural treatment,” he replied, “No one can do anything to the face or neck area.

I have heard that there is a lot of hidden fat around the face and neck, which is then smoothed out and brought to the top of the head to create a shape memory.

Ichikawa is not skimping on “self-improvement” at this beauty salon frequented by celebrities. Popular celebrities are making efforts in hidden places.

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