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Unconventional! Nippon Ham BIGBOSS director also had an “unexpected NG

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At the Spiderman event

Nippon Ham manager Takeshi Shinjo (50), a.k.a. the Big Boss, has had a tough start to the season with a string of losses since the season opener.

Mainstays such as Sho Nakata (32), Taiji Ota (31), and Haruki Nishikawa (29) have all left at once. It was inevitable that the team would struggle no matter who was in charge of the team, but the manager was a “PR man of professional baseball” from his inaugural press conference to the start of the season, and his home-run level of “BIG” performance was a big reason why the team was able to win the championship. Some baseball team insiders say that Shinjo has already fulfilled his expected role as a “PR man of professional baseball” and a home-run class during the period between his inaugural press conference and the start of the season.

Whenever we call Shinjo, the TV stations always come to cover the event and make the news.
It was truly thanks to the BIGBOSS.

This is the opinion of an event producer. When companies unveil a new product or service, they invite celebrities to the event to get as much exposure as possible. The goal is to have the event become the talk of the town in newspapers, online news, and especially on TV wide shows and information programs. One of the producers of the event continued, “We are not sure if TV stations will come to cover the event.

The producer of the event continues, “Whether or not TV stations will cover the event is often decided the night before the event. There are so many celebrity events held every day in so many different places that they inevitably conflict with each other. TV crews are also limited in number, so they decide which events to cover the day before after careful consideration. From the company’s point of view, it would be a tragedy if they pay a lot of money to invite a celebrity, only to have the event turn into a “wake” when none of the media shows up.

It is said that the fee for an event is approximately 10 times the TV fee, and “the market price for a high-profile celebrity is 1.5 to 3 million yen per event,” according to an advertising agency official. If the event does not attract any attention despite such a high fee, the person in charge of the event will be punished.

In such a difficult world, BIGBOSS emerged as a savior.

An event producer continues.

In the case of BIGBOSS, in addition to TV wide shows and information programs, reporters from sports bureaus and sports newspapers also come to cover the event. They come to cover the event. The event is sure to be reported, so the people in charge of the event can sleep soundly. However, although exposure is promised, there are a few conditions that must be met if he is to be used. This goes for both events and television; if you don’t clear the NG items, they won’t accept your offer.”

Below are the NG items for BIGBOSS.

This is an NFT event

Condition 1: “Co-performance NG” Performers other than BIGBOSS (speakers) other than BIGBOSS, a person who is bigger than BIGBOSS is NG.

When I was booked for the unveiling press conference of a movie, Shido Nakamura took my comments with him, so other than that, BIG guests are not allowed. So, other than that, we have decided not to have any big guests.

Condition 2: “The same direction is not to be used. Even for a single flashy scene, such as the appearance of a foreign car or helicopter, BIGBOSS is concerned about “overlap. Even if they look the same, he makes sure to make changes.

By the way, this is also ng ROLAND. BIGBOSS and ROLAND and BIGBOSS are close, perhaps because they feel sympathy for each other in terms of sensitivity and commitment.

Condition 3: “No live broadcasting. This is a bit surprising, but the BIGBOSS are not interested in live broadcasts.

It is not that they cannot handle live broadcasts, but rather that “I am more interesting when I edit. It’s not that they can’t handle live broadcasts, but rather it’s their own theory that “I’m more interesting when I edit, because live broadcasts are too long and boring. Even when he appeared on “News Station,” he did not appear live but in an edited VTR.

Like their leadership, the BIGBOSSes appear to be flashy, but in fact they are meticulous in their calculations. The fact that they are losing so badly may be part of their calculation, and they may be carefully producing the new Fighters so that when the new stadium is completed next year, the new Fighters will recover the foreshadowing that was set in motion this year and become a big hit.

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