Sekzo Mariusuha, currently studying abroad, to “retire from show business as is”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sekzo Mariusuha, currently studying abroad, to “retire from show business as is”.

His father did not deny "leaving the Johnny's office" in a direct interview with this magazine. ......

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Marius when he became ambassador of the Otsuka Museum of Art in ’18.

Marius is currently studying at a university in Europe. I hear that he is attending the university and studying business.”

He is a member of the idol group “Sexy Zone. A family friend of “Sexy Zone” member Marius Hayashi (22) told us that Marius was “not feeling well” because of his “illness. Marius announced in December 2008 that he was taking a break from performing due to “poor health.

The Johnny’s office announced, “It is undeniable that Marius’ physical and mental imbalance in his social life, which includes balancing work and school work, has led to his physical and mental health problems. It is true that Marius attended Sophia University’s Faculty of International Liberal Studies from April ’18 while performing. However, there are many members of Johnny’s who are also performing while attending college. It was said that Marius “may not be interested in performing anymore” (sports newspaper reporter).

Marius has now left the Johnny’s office and intends to retire from show business. A former acquaintance of Marius’ told us, “Marius is planning to leave Johnny’s Office and retire from show business.

When he announced his retirement in December 2008, he had no intention of returning to the entertainment world. His mother initially tried to persuade him not to retire from show business, but Marius’ will was firm. In late January of this year, Marius temporarily returned to Japan. There, he had a meeting with his office, but Marius’ intention to retire was unwavering. His current goal is to go into business with his brother. In the future, he would like to start a business with his brother, and now he sometimes goes to Germany, where his brother lives.

Marius says he has always had a strong desire to enter the business world.

When we visited Marius at his parents’ home, his father answered the intercom.

–There is talk that Marius is leaving the office.

I don’t want to talk too much about it.”

–Is it correct that you are retiring from show business?

No comment.

With that, the intercom went dead, but he did not deny “retiring from show business” to this magazine’s interview.

The April 22 issue of FRIDAY will report in detail on the reasons for Marius’ retirement.

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