Fluffy-bodied and “muzzy” cats fight an epic battle inside a kotatsu…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fluffy-bodied and “muzzy” cats fight an epic battle inside a kotatsu…!

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Tonkatsu-chan, who is riding on Anmitsu-chan, not “riding on a horse” but on a cat!

When we turned over the kotatsu, we found a fierce battle going on there…. The kitties wrestle and struggle with each other. Their faces are still cute, but what happened to them? The visuals are so outstanding that they have garnered more than 200,000 likes on Twitter. on Twitter.

Anmitsu-chan and Tonkatsu-chan were tussling in the kotatsu. They are British Shorthair sisters and brothers. Were they fighting for the best position or just playing with each other? When their master “Mikan and Jiro ( jirosan77 )” opened the kotatsu, this is what happened. Its fuzzy body and squirmy face are so peaceful. It looks as if it wouldn’t hurt even if they bumped into each other…

You can watch the whole story on the YouTube channel “Cats are Liquid (Mikan and Jiro’s house)”.

In fact, these two cats live together with four other cats. And they are all British Shorthairs. When they are all together, they are a sight to behold! Except for Jiro, the oldest, they are all blood siblings. The master said he was attracted to the British Shorthair’s “generally calm” personality.

Tonkatsu-chan, the youngest of the two who were struggling in the kotatsu, is a very recent addition to the family. She was just a kitten until a little while ago, but she grew up so fast that she pushed Anmitsu-chan down.

From No. 1 to No. 2, Potato (male), Jiro (male), Anmitsu (female), Tempura (male), and Mikan (female).
The youngest, Tonkatsu-chan (♂), when she was still a child. At the bath door, “What are you doing?”

Such are the six cats. Besides being siblings, they also have an interesting characteristic. They are “stored” in containers such as buckets. It is a typical cat habit to fit into a small space, but it is so cute to see them all together in the bucket! One of the most common examples of this is when the cats are seen in a clear bucket in the kitchen.

The transparent bucket has been in the kitchen since it was put there (at Mikan and Jiro’s house).

While the master is working in the kitchen, he is sleeping in the bucket with his paw pads exposed…. This makes housework fun!

The paw prints are in a clear bucket while the mother does the housework, a common sight on Twitter!
Stored in a file box. Tempura-chan has a stocking face!
Warming up the master’s pants is Hideyoshi from 2025.
All tucked into the colander, all basking in the sun!

Not only does it look cute, but the cats can enjoy it too, killing two birds with one stone. It seems that the master has created various spaces for the cats to relax and enjoy life with the six cats.

Peace is the best, after all…zzzz

As expected of siblings, they always cuddle up together in a relaxed manner, and their faces and body shapes look the same. But they have their own personalities, and if you watch their social networking sites or YouTube, you may be able to see the differences in their personalities! Why don’t you take a peek into the lives of these six British Shorthairs and feel at home?

(You can follow the daily lives of the six British Shorthairs on their Twitter account @jirosan77. Or search for “Mikan and Jiro’s house”!)

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