Ochiai’s Complicated Background on Yano’s Remarks and Shinjo’s Leadership: “I Don’t Understand… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ochiai’s Complicated Background on Yano’s Remarks and Shinjo’s Leadership: “I Don’t Understand…

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Mr. Ochiai looks at the baseball world from a unique perspective. He seems to have trouble understanding the words and actions of both Yano and Shinjo (Image: Kyodo News)

— Ochiai Are there parts of it you can understand?

Claire. None! Not at all!

Apr. On April 13th On April 13, Hiromitsu Ochiai (68) updated his YouTube channel. 68 In an update on his YouTube channel on April 13, Hiromitsu Ochiai (68), a former baseball player for the Hanshin Tigers, stated categorically in response to a question from Staff. I don’t understand it,” he said of Yohdai Yano (53) of the Hanshin baseball team. 53 The day before the start of training camp in January On January 31, the day before the start of camp On January 31st On January 31, the day before the start of camp, he suddenly announced his resignation at a general meeting, saying, “I’m thinking of quitting at the end of this season. The players, who had not been informed of his decision, were upset.

Director Yano apparently made up his mind right after the end of last season. We were leading the championship by as many as seven games before Yakult snatched it away from us at the last minute. He must have felt responsible.

I think Yano had his own intentions in making the announcement just before the camp. By announcing his resignation, he was trying to inspire the players. He must have thought that by announcing his resignation, he would inspire the players and inspire the nine members of the team by saying, ‘Let’s give flowers to the departing manager,’ so that the team could win the Japanese championship, which it failed to do last year.

However, as is well known, the Hanshin team has been in disastrous shape since the start of the season. As of April 18, they were in last place in the standings with a record of 3 wins and 17 losses. The team’s batting average is the lowest among all the teams. Team batting average .219 Team batting average .2194.10 are both among the worst in the league. On his YouTube channel, Ochiai criticizes Yano, saying

[Joon]. Who would do it for someone who quits? If you ask me which is more of a plus or a risk, I think the risk is more. I don’t know how Yano felt about it, but if he was going to say it anyway, it would have been more graceful to say it after the season was over.

[Claire I don’t know if those who have been discovered by Yano and are playing regularly in the games will try hard to make him finish the season on a high note, but I don’t know. But the people who are eating cold rice are more likely to say, “Someone will come next time anyway. So why the timing?

I feel sorry for the players.

There is another person whom Mr. Ochiai also finds “incomprehensible. Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the “Big Boss” manager of Nippon Ham (50), which has sunk to the bottom of the Pacific League standings. He is Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 50, the manager of the Pacific League’s bottom-ranked Nippon Ham. Commenting on a practice game against the Giants on March 6, he said the following

[I feel sorry for the players. I feel sorry for the players. The players are playing to win a championship. They are working hard to raise their salaries. If you put a stop to that, they won’t be motivated. I couldn’t understand it.

Mr. Ochiai took issue with Shinjo’s statement that he does not aim to win championships. He pointed out that if the team did not win, the players’ salaries would not go up and morale would drop. On the other hand, he also said

[Joon] is a director. He is the director, so he should do as he likes. That’s all I can say. You want to do something that no one has done before. The only thing you can do is to evaluate the results after the season is over. Until then, you can do whatever you want.

To Ochiai, both Yano and Shinjo must be “incomprehensible. However, even though the statements were the same, the messages they conveyed were different.

He said, “I guess I literally have a hard time understanding Yano’s words and actions. But his feelings toward Shinjo are a little different. I think his intention was to give encouragement to Shinjo, because they are in similar circumstances. When Mr. Ochiai took over as manager of Chunichi, he had no formal professional coaching experience, and many people wondered if he would be able to handle the job. The bright Shinjo and the taciturn Ochiai, with their unique theories, are different types, but they were never highly regarded by the public.

They also have in common the tendency to act outlandishly, to the surprise of those around them. When Mr. Ochiai took over as manager, he held an unusual red-and-white game on the first day of camp. He selected Kenjiro Kawasaki, who had not pitched in a game or even appeared on the mound for the first team for three years until the previous year, as the starting pitcher. After that, he also switched the positions of Masahiro Araki and Hirokazu Ibata, who were said to be the two steadfast pitchers, a move that astonished the fans, a move that must be shared by Shinjo.

(A sports journalist) “Mr. Ochiai was said by those around him to be ‘incomprehensible’ because of his ‘Orecchiai style’ of coaching, but in his first year as manager In his first year as manager in 2004, Ochiai led Chunichi to a league championship. In his first year as manager, Ochiai led Chunichi to a league championship in 2004. I wonder if Shinjo might be one of them. …… I’m not sure if Shinjo is the same way.

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