Behind the Divorce Lawsuit…Kaya vs. Mayo’s “mistress” trial quietly settled. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the Divorce Lawsuit…Kaya vs. Mayo’s “mistress” trial quietly settled.

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Kaya during a visit to the grave of Mayo’s grandfather in Kyoto in 2006.

Mayo Kawasaki (59) and Kaya Kawasaki (59) are still in the midst of their divorce trial, and in the February 4, 2022 issue of this magazine, we reported that the second trial of their case is reaching its final stage. However, behind the scenes, it was revealed that another trial involving Kaya had quietly reached its conclusion.

That is, the trial in which Kaya sued a woman who is said to be “Mayo’s mistress.

Before explaining the trial between Kaya and her “mistress,” we would like to recapitulate the situation.

Mayo and Kaya were married in 1990, but became separated around 2004, and in 2005, Mayo filed for divorce. In 2005, Mayo filed for divorce, and Kaya countersued for alimony on the grounds of domestic violence by Mayo.

In February 2008, the first trial court ruled in favor of Mayo and Kaya. The first trial court ruled in February 2008 that the counterclaim was dismissed, meaning that Ms. Mayo won the case. In other words, Ms. Mayo won the case in its entirety.

Kaya was dissatisfied with this decision and immediately appealed. The second trial is still ongoing.

However, Kaya also filed a lawsuit against Mayo’s “mistress.

In 2006, we found out that Mayo and her new lover, A, were dating. At the time, Mayo and Kaya’s marriage had already broken down, so it should not have been considered adultery. However, Kaya filed a lawsuit against Mr. A in 2008, demanding 10 million yen in compensation.

Kaya claims that her family collapsed due to the presence of Ms. A, her “mistress,” and that she suffered mental anguish. Ms. A, on the other hand, responded by claiming that Kaya’s allegations were completely different from the facts. In June of last year, the first trial court ruled in favor of Kaya, dismissing the case on the grounds that there was “no reason for any of the claims.

Kaya still appealed, and in mid-March of this year, the second trial court also rendered its verdict. The result was the same: Kaya’s claim was dismissed and Mr. A won the case.

Reading through the court documents, it is clear that an epic battle of tongues was waged in court between Kaya and Mr. A. For example, one of the points of contention was that Kaya was the one who was responsible for the “death penalty.

For example, one of the points of contention was the relationship between Kaya and a Guinean man, and Ms. A argued that since Kaya was also dating a Guinean man, it was clear that her relationship with Mayo had broken down. Kaya, on the other hand, vehemently argued that the Guinean man was merely a trainer.

Not only that. Kaya even put her housekeeper and her own son on the stand to show that the family had been destroyed by Ms. A.

They testified that “Mayo brought Ms. A into her home,” but as a result, the judge found their testimony unreliable and ruled to dismiss Kaya’s claims.

According to the lawyer representing Ms. A, ” No appeal has been filed by Kaya’s side since then by the deadline, ” which means that the trial has now been settled.

Kaya quietly lost the case to Mayo’s new lover behind the backdrop of her divorce trial with Mayo. How will the second trial with Mayo turn out? The verdict is expected by the end of this year.

Mayo was directly interviewed by this magazine. Perhaps because her divorce case will be finalized soon, she seemed to be full of a sense of freedom.
  • Photo Ippei Hara (Kaya) Toshikatsu Tanaka (Mayo)

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