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Moon Jae-in Under Suspicion of Fraud in the Ulsan Mayoral Election

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Moon Jae-in in black national dress at the “3.1 Independence Movement” commemorative ceremony. He faces tough times after stepping down as president (Image: Reuters/Afro)

[Claire]. It’s like a death sentence. Is this enough for you?

In a sarcastic post on Facebook, former South Korean Justice Minister The post was made on Facebook by Cho Guk, a former South Korean justice minister. He served as chief secretary for civil affairs at Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential office, and was one of President Moon Jae-in’s closest aides. What was the reason for the angry post from a key figure at the center of the government? –. The following is a report from the president’s office.

Because Mr. Yeo’s daughter, A, was denied admission to the Graduate School of Medicine at Pusan National University and the College of Life Sciences at Korea University. Ms. A was recognized as the first author (first researcher) of a paper published by the Korean Society of Pathology after only two weeks of internship as a doctor when she was a sophomore in high school. It is a paper of a prestigious society. This is not a normal occurrence.

With this “achievement,” he was admitted to the Department of Life Science at Korea University without taking any examinations. I even got a scholarship to Pusan National University Graduate School of Medicine. Furthermore His mother allegedly forged a letter of commendation from the president of Korea University and submitted it at the entrance examination of the Pusan Graduate School. The forgery was discovered by the opposition and the mother was arrested. In January of this year In January this year, the Supreme Court sentenced her to 4 years in prison. In January of this year, the Supreme Court sentenced her to four years in prison. Due to this series of scandals, the cancellation of Ms. A’s admission was officially announced on April 7.

Penalties for key figures in the ruling party The penalty for the ruling party’s key figures is not limited to Mr. Joo’s daughter.

Kim Hye-kyung, the wife of Lee Jae-myung, who ran for president, is also the subject of a police investigation. Lee was governor of western Gyeonggi Province. 10 From the year 18 During the period of 10 to 18 years when Mr. Lee was governor of western Gyeonggi Province, he used his official credit card for personal use. On April 4, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office was raided by the police.

Why the Trial is Not Progressing Despite the Arrests of 15 People

Behind the string of arrests of the ruling party’s members is the agenda of the opposition party, which won the presidential election. Yun Sung-yeol, who will become president in May, has been intensifying his offensive against the ruling party. The main target is the current president, Moon Jae-in. Kim Hyun, the Tokyo bureau chief of the Daehan Financial Daily, said, “Moon Jae-in has the potential to be a major force in the Ulsan region, but he is not a leader of the ruling party.

Moon Jae-in is under suspicion of fraud in the Ulsan mayoral election,” said Kim Hyun, Tokyo Bureau Chief of the Daehan Financial Daily. The Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office In January 2008, the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office In January 2008, the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors Office indicted a number of key figures from the ruling party. The mayor’s election was won by President Moon Jae-in’s President Moon Jae-in’s “friend of 30 years” who won the mayoral election. The person who won the mayoral election was considered to be President Moon Jae-in’s ‘friend for 30 years. Many government and ruling party officials are said to have improperly intervened in the election.

The elected mayor of Ulsan, Song Cheol-ho, former chief political secretary, former secretary of civil affairs, and others 13 The two men were indicted at home for violating the Public Offices Election Law. 21 In April 2009, two more people were additionally indicted. The dignitaries arrested in this case are. 15 The total number of key figures arrested in this case reached 15.

The Ulsan mayoral election meddling case is the most serious allegation of fraud that has occurred under the Moon Jae-in administration. However, the trial has been slow in progress. More than two years have passed since the indictment was filed, and there is no indication as to when the first trial verdict will be rendered. Kim continues.

The biggest reason is that the then Minister of Justice, who was at odds with the opposition attorney general, obstructed the investigation by moving a large number of prosecutors to the left. The prosecutor general who obstructed the investigation was the new president, Mr. Yun. The situation changed drastically when Yun won the presidential election. The investigation could progress quickly. If his involvement is revealed, President Moon Jae-in could be arrested.

Moon will soon leave the presidency. After that, a tragic end may await him.

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