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Sharapova’s “I Want to Go to the Beach” Post Reveals Mixed Feelings

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Maria Sharapova, the former world No. 1 ranked female tennis player and nicknamed the “Tennis Fairy,” has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a photo of herself “cruising gracefully in sunglasses” on her Instagram account.

Behind her smile, is there a complicated story behind it?

Sharapova published the photo on Instagram Story. Sharapova is sitting cross-legged on a boat, wearing sunglasses and a classy smile. Her navy shirt and yellow pants are very elegant. Her black sandals are also very chic.

Sharapova wrote the following message on the photo: “Take me to the beach.”


Is it that time of year already? Sharapova, who had been freely traveling even with the Corona disaster on her Instagram, may have still felt more repressed than usual. I have the impression that she has found a path in her fight against Corona and has been a little more open with her decision.

However, Sharapova has recently been posting less and less on Instagram itself. The reason for this is believed to be the invasion of Ukraine by her native Russia.

Sharapova is known as an influencer with an astonishing 4.22 million followers on Instagram. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she has avoided making statements about her home country on social networking sites. She temporarily closed the comments section of her Instagram, which is usually filled with messages from her fans. This upset her fans, and some expressed concern.

At one point, she wrote, “With each passing day, I see more and more images and read more and more news about children affected by the growing crisis in Ukraine. I am heartbroken and deeply saddened,” he posted. But while some fans praised this, others said, “It’s not a Crisis! It’s a war,” and “I’m disappointed,” a number of people were outraged.

Perhaps because of this, she has not spoken out on the subject of war since then.

Sharapova is probably in a situation where it is difficult for her to speak out or act. She must really want peace. In such a difficult situation, “Take me to the beach” seems to be tied with her complicated feelings.

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