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The Impact of Kei Komuro’s “Ignoring Direct Interview” on the Marriage Conference

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Kei Komuro, who was directly interviewed in New York, pulled her long hair into one bun and decided to “ignore” the reporter’s questions…

Kei Komuro, who is planning to marry Princess Mako of the Akishino family, has been under fire for his attitude when he was interviewed by a reporter from Fuji TV in the United States where he was staying on September 24. Although Mr. Komuro had not been caught on camera for a long time, his appearance and attitude had completely changed.

His hair was long and tied up in a ponytail. He wore wireless earphones and kept one hand in his pocket as he answered reporters’ questions.

In the old footage, she bowed deeply to the camera without talking. This time, however, he did not make any bows, and walked away “ignoring” the reporter without once making eye contact.

Mr. Komuro is expected to return to Japan on the 27th, and after a two-week quarantine period, he is expected to attend a press conference with Princess Mako, but I have my doubts about that as well.

“He is expected to attend the press conference with Mako after two weeks of quarantine. I’ve never seen anyone with this attitude. Even if there were circumstances that prevented her from speaking, an adult could have said something like, “I’m sorry, but I can’t talk to you right now…” (Women’s magazine reporter)

Mr. Komuro was recently reported for allegedly falsifying his resume and even for allegedly cheating on his student visa. It seems that Mr. Komuro chose not to say anything at all because if he did, he might be pursued….

Mr. Komuro said that he completed his visa change online, and there was no reason for him to actually return to Japan. The marriage certificate can be exchanged by mail and signed and sealed. That said, it is Mako’s strong desire to return to Japan this time.

“She said she felt uneasy about living in an apartment by herself until she left for the U.S., so she will spend time with Mr. Komuro before leaving for the U.S. As the Akishino family’s Imperial Heir Apparent revealed, all of Mr. Komuro’s actions, including his past statements in the Komuro documents that he was “not in debt,” can be said to be at the behest of Princess Mako.

Each TV station has its own branch in New York, and I’m sure that Mr. Komuro was aware that he might be attacked directly in New York someday. And since he and Mako usually talk via Skype, it’s possible that Mako had her own intentions in not telling the media anything.

In the past, Mr. Komuro once told the media that he had called Mako. In the past, Komuro told the media that he had called Mako. It was also reported that Mako told him that he was too lenient. With her mother Kayo and Mr. Komuro facing multiple allegations, I wonder if she took such an attitude.

The other day, Shukan Josei revealed the story of an interview with Noriko’s father, Tatsuhiko Kawashima. Although he was not available to be interviewed at his home, he reported that he called him later and told him that he could not answer any questions, but that he was very polite and courteous. Even if he could not respond to the question and answer session, if his family was going to marry and become relatives with the royal family, Mr. Komuro should have been able to say no in a “proper” manner.

Mr. Komuro put his hands in his pockets and walked away bluntly ignoring her. “I think it’s a negative thing to make people think, “Is that the true nature of Kei Komuro?

“The way she acts as if the media is her enemy makes me wonder if she’s even planning to hold a press conference.” I can’t help but wonder if he is even planning to hold a press conference. I feel that Mr. Komuro’s personality has become transparent in the fact that he would go so far as to upset public sentiment just before his return.

The Imperial Household Agency is also struggling to come to terms with his return. It is said that he and Princess Mako will hold a “two-shot press conference,” but the situation is likely to change two or three ways, including whether or not this will take place.

After Mr. Komuro returns to Japan, there will undoubtedly be confusion.

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