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Ebizo Ichikawa’s Shaman VS Maya Kobayashi in Spiritual Showdown!

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Ebizo Ichikawa enjoying a holiday with his Kangen Horikoshi. 

In the April 14 issue of “Josei Seven” (Women’s Seven) reported the shocking news that Ebizo Ichikawa has been infatuated with a black shaman.

Mr. X, the shaman, accompanies Ebizo on his private visits to the beauty salon and sauna. A photo of the two walking together, just like managers, was published.

According to the article, Mr. X held up his finger next to Ebizo and said “hum, hum” in a theatrical manner, which sounded like an inaudible incantation. It is said that he also cast a spell on his late wife, Mao Kobayashi, to get rid of the ‘bad spirits’ in her body,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

Speaking of Ebizo, he is currently in a “big battle” with Maya Kobayashi, Mao’s sister, and Maya is demanding an apology from him. Kobayashi, along with her husband, Gin Kunimitsu, is also a spiritualist who writes a blog and a paid magazine.

Although they belong to different “schools,” both Ebizo and Maya seem to be devoted to spirituality. After Maya saw the Women’s Seven report, she expressed her disbelief on her blog, “Why is a shaman in my sister’s room? After Maya saw the Women’s Seven report, she expressed her disbelief on her blog.

Furthermore, it is said that Ebizo’s shaman can also cast a kind of curse remotely, so it is possible that an “invisible battle” with Maya’s side has begun without her knowing. It’s like a Heian-era yin-yang master trying to decide which side’s spiritual power will prevail” (Entertainment reporter)

In the video, Kobayashi says that just before Mao’s death, she made regretful comments such as “I want to stop that treatment” and “I should have divorced her. Mao wanted to use the standard treatment, but Ebizo chose a folk remedy.

Ebizo is said to have been fascinated by Mr. X even after Mao’s death and may have given him tens of millions of yen as a consulting fee.

Why are celebrities so fascinated with spirituality?

In general, actors are in the entertainment business, so many of them are concerned with things like good luck and good fortune. And when they become successful, they often feel crushed by the pressure. In such times, they feel saved when they receive advice from fortune tellers and mediums.

For example, some people change their name according to the advice of fortune tellers, believing that it is their stage name that is not working out. There are also malicious fortune tellers who say things that apply to everyone, make people believe them, and gradually take their money. For such malicious fortune tellers, it is probably quicker to get into the pockets of celebrities and take all their money than to deal with ordinary people.

In the past, it has often been reported that celebrities have shared their lives with fortune tellers and mediums. On “GaaSyy-ch” a popular YouTube channel of the popular exposé-style YouTube personality Yoshikazu Azumaya, a story was revealed that a young successful actor A only listens to what his fortune teller says, and even refuses to go on a date on days when the fortune teller says no.

Ebizo has remained silent in the face of Kobayashi’s verbal attacks. However, in the “spiritual realm,” the two may be engaged in a witchcraft duel!

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