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Kei Komuro’s Return to Japan: The Harrowing Ordeal to Marriage

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The public’s attention is focused on the press conference between Princess Mako and Kei Komuro.

Four years have passed since the news of their engagement. Four years have passed since the news of their engagement, and the marriage of Princess Mako, 29, and Kei Komuro, 29, is getting closer.

“I’m told that Komuro is scheduled to return to Japan on September 27th, and that during the two weeks of isolation he will proceed with the final preparations for post-marriage life, including submitting the marriage certificate. After officials from the Imperial Household Agency submit the marriage registration, the Agency will officially announce the marriage and she will become ‘Mako Komuro,’ and then she will probably hold a press conference.

I wonder what kind of press conference it will be.

What kind of press conference will it be? “Since the Imperial Household Agency will be in charge of it, they will have to submit questions in advance and then give answers after considering them. In that sense, it might be more appropriate to call it a marriage report rather than a press conference.” (National newspaper reporter in charge of the Imperial Household)

This is a true countdown situation.

“Up to this point, the Imperial Household Agency has been in discussions with Mako about when Komuro will return to Japan, what will be done about the marriage certificate, and what exactly will be done about life in New York. First of all, the Imperial Household Agency seems to have recognized the need for a joint press conference with Mako if she is to return to Japan. Mako is said to have been overly stressed by the fact that she and Komuro had not seen each other for a long time, and she wanted to return to Japan as soon as possible.

What is Mr. Komuro thinking about?

What is Ms. Komuro thinking? “She was cautious about returning to Japan for a while. He has been trying to explain his decision through documents and other means in order to be ‘blessed by the people’ as he has been asked to do, but he is aware that he is not in that environment. But she is aware that she is not in an environment where she can do that. She thought that if she came back and held a press conference under such circumstances, she would only antagonize the people even more.

Was there a scenario in which the couple would have joined the registry without returning to Japan, and Mako would have gone to New York by herself?

“The marriage certificate itself can be submitted without Mr. Komuro having to return to Japan. On the other hand, if Mr. Komuro returns, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, which has jurisdiction over the home of his mother, Kayo, will have to step up security, which will inevitably upset public sentiment, which is deeply allergic to taxpayer money.

In consideration of public sentiment, Mako herself is reportedly planning to accept the lump-sum wedding payment of about 140 million yen and then donate it to an appropriate organization. Nevertheless, she may have been aware that her temporary return to Japan would increase the cost of security, but she could not suppress her desire to see him.

On the other hand, what exactly will happen to their lives in New York, as reportedly discussed with Mako’s side? A source at the Imperial Household Agency told us, “This is the biggest obstacle.

“This is the biggest obstacle, or rather, the one that has not been clarified. That’s one of the reasons why some people in the Imperial Household Agency are wondering if they are really getting married. Isn’t it too early to submit the marriage certificate? That seems to be one of the reasons why there were no official announcements in September, only reports of the marriage.

There is no doubt that living there will cost a lot of money. There is a high possibility that Komuro has already passed the New York State bar exam, but it would be extremely difficult for a newcomer to make a high salary in a competitive industry. However, it would be extremely difficult for a newcomer to get a high salary in a competitive industry.

“Komuro’s mother, Kayo, said of Kei, ‘He is the type of person who always takes care of his own money. I don’t have to do this or that for her,’ she once said.

In this way, she suggested that Kei Komuro had a financial plan or a sponsor.

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