The Kimura Family Exemplifies Family Love by Celebrating Shizuka Kudo’s Birthday Together | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Kimura Family Exemplifies Family Love by Celebrating Shizuka Kudo’s Birthday Together

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The smiles on this family’s faces do not lie…!”

Takuya Kimura the eldest daughter also known as “Flutist Cocomi” and second daughter with model Koki celebrated wife (and mother) Shizuka Kudo’s birthday on their respective Instagram accounts. Fans were excited to see the Kimura family’s lovemaking as usual.

On April 14, Kudo celebrated his 52nd birthday. In response, the Kimura family and some famous among fans for being too close, posted a congratulatory message to Kudo, as if to show fans the tight family ties.

First, Kimura posted a short, cool “happy birthday!” along with a bouquet of roses.

Cocomi posted a two-shot photo of herself and Kudo as a child wearing a pacifier. She thanked him cutely, “‘Happy birthday to you!!!! Always cheeky Sory, always Tenchu,” she cutely sent her gratitude.

Koki also uploaded a photo of her and Kudo taken when they were little, with Koki wearing a tiara and looking like a pretty princess. Koki posted the longest message of the three.

“Happy Birthday to the best mum in the world. Thank you for always watching over me so kindly. Thank you for all the love you have given me. I have always seen my mother’s strong smile, even when she was told many things, and I think of the strength of her heart and her warm kindness for her family.

I am happy to have such a respectful mother and I want to be like her. I will try my best to be like you, and I love you.”

Koki put his abundant gratitude and love into his message.

In response, Kudo also updated his own Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to everyone born in April! I admire the way flowers are full of colors, each with its own assertion, yet radiating beauty in harmony, which is both beautiful and powerful. I would like to continue to experience and feel various things and keep my sensitivity in my heart. I hope you have a strong and graceful year. Today is also my birthday. Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages.”

Even on his own birthday, Kudo first celebrated his followers with birthdays in the same month. It was indeed a very thoughtful gesture.

Although the Kimura family is such a family, it has been announced that Cocomi will debut on the prestigious DECCA GOLD label in New York, U.S. Her debut album “de l’amour” will be released on April 29. Koki also made her debut as an actress in the February 18, 2022 release of She suddenly made her acting debut as the lead in Takashi Shimizu’s film “Ushikubu Mura.”

Kudo is undoubtedly behind the rapid progress of these daughters. His talent as a producer has also been attracting attention recently. We can’t take our eyes off the Kimura family any longer.

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