Saori Kimura’s “drunken appearance in gray loungewear” will delight fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saori Kimura’s “drunken appearance in gray loungewear” will delight fans…!

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Saori Kimura with the same smile from her active days (AFLO)

Former Japanese women’s national volleyball player Saori Kimura has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a picture of herself in a gray loungewear and holo-drunk on her Instagram account. “She is wearing a gray loungewear and is looking very drunk.

Kimura released a thumbnail photo of the video on his YouTube account. The title of the video is “Hollow Drunk! 14”. In the photo, Kimura is holding a roll of Costco’s own brand “Kirkland Signature” toilet paper and smiling too much.

In the video, he introduces various products he bought at Costco. In the video, she introduces the various products she bought at Costco, and her fans can’t help but be smiling as she reports that she bought a box of drinks. When she saw a box full of vegetable juice, she giggled and said, “It’s like Jenga!

“Her favorite item of all was the white pudding from Bocca (Makiya). The milk pudding is made from Hokkaido’s “Date-milk” and comes in a round balloon. When you poke a hole in the balloon with a toothpick, the pudding pops out from inside. “I always buy it when I go to Costco,” she says with a smile.

He also buys bath salts in boxes. I bought Basklin’s “Kikiyu Fine Heat”. The product is said to have been provided to athletes at the Ajinomoto National Training Center, a training facility for Japan’s top athletes. Kimura, who used to use the facility in the past, recalled, “I miss it.” “They used to have them at the reception desk, and I would say, ‘What color (bath salts) should I use today?

He also bought some Downy fabric softener, saying, “I have a lot of stock, so I didn’t need to buy any. …… “When I walked by it, it smelled so good. I’m really looking forward to using it,” she said excitedly.

There were other products that he had purchased on ……. Because of the alcohol in his system, Kimura blushed and was in a good mood the whole time. The gray loungewear t-shirt also gives a very private feeling, making this video a must-see for fans. But still, I think you’re buying too much Kimura ……!

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