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Comedian Yutaka Seshita of Jersey Mouse, “Withdraws Retirement Statement,” Amidst Multiple Adultery Scandal

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Seshita Yutaka (left) of the comedy duo “Jersey Mouse” announced a suspension of their entertainment activities due to reports of infidelity. He once said he would retire, but…

Yutaka Seshita of the comedy duo “Jersey Mouse,” who was reportedly having an affair with several women, wrote on his Twitter on April 14

I would like to express my heartfelt apologies to all the women I have hurt through my irresponsible behavior. I regret my past actions and will refrain from performing for the time being.


After Seshita’s affair with a non celebrity woman was reported by Bunshun, other women who saw the report made accusations one after another. Since Seshita got married in 1995, all the women reportedly involved in the affair.

Ms. A, who was the first to report the affair, was reported as “playing with fire,” and Seshita was accused by his wife of having an affair with her.

There will be no next time because there are no chances in this case.

He said that he received words of forgiveness. However, Seshita forced Ms. B, who newly accused him, to have an abortion, and photos of Ms. C with bruises and evidence of violence were also published. In addition, Ms. C was ordered to have sexual intercourse with Seshita’s juniors and seniors, making the report completely laughable.

The report was completely laughable. He cannot say that he was scolded by his wife. Even though the woman was aware of the affair and was in a relationship with Seshita, she could not say “no chance” as if she was laughing at his outrageous behavior. The public may not forgive him as much as or more than Ken Watanabe of Anjush, who had an affair in a multi-purpose toilet.

Seshita had been a struggling artist for a long period of time, but in the past few years he had been active in variety shows and was on the verge of a breakthrough. This may be one of the reasons why he was targeted by the weekly magazine. If a comedian is not in the limelight, people will not be interested in interviewing him.

The senior members of Chidori, with whom he had a long relationship, were really pleased to see Seshita putting his body on the line and doing his best. He himself told those around him that he would quit being a comedian at the time of the second Bunshun bombardment, but there was still strong consolation from several senior comedians.

Unlike Mr. Watanabe’s agency, Yoshimoto has many independently produced programs. Recently, they even opened a station called “BS Yoshimoto. Anyway, if they do not break up or retire, and wait until the buzz has settled, there is a good chance that they will be able to revive themselves in Yoshimoto’s programs and theaters someday. This is probably why they announced that they would refrain from activities for the time being.

As long as they do not fall out with Yoshimoto Kogyo, like former “Ameagari Kesshitai” member Hiroyuki Miyasako, they can return to television like Tokui Yoshimi and Ryo Tamura. This is the advantage of belonging to a major entertainment company, even if the public may say it is naive.

Meanwhile, Kawahara, Seshita’s partner, took to Twitter with an image that seemed to parody Seshita’s apology.

A research team surveyed 6,909 men and women, of whom 58.0% of men and 61.5% of women could not smell the urine after eating asparagus. Best regards.

and posted sentences that are too surreal. Is this the Kawahara school’s love for Seshita?

It seems certain that Seshita’s behavior has not only hurt the other woman but also his own family.

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