Comedian Watanabe Adultery Scandal Overshadowed by His Talent — Is V-Shape Recovery Possible? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Comedian Watanabe Adultery Scandal Overshadowed by His Talent — Is V-Shape Recovery Possible?

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Ken Watanabe of “Anjush” made his return to show business at Chiba TV in February of this year. He has yet to return to the main station, but…

The winds of “Anjush” Watabe Ken seem to be changing.

After the “adultery” reports of the past years, he made his comeback in February of this year with a regular program on Chiba Television, “B&W Anjush.” In his first broadcast, he was denounced by his partner Kazuya Kojima and ridiculed as a “broadcast accident” with no element of humor.

Watanabe seemed to be in high spirits in the face of a major scandal, and it was painful to see him walking a tight-rope while carefully choosing his words. One of the reasons cited was the “lost” scenario of his partner Kojima’s return.

Once, when Watanabe lightly teased him about a bento box lunch that Chiba TV had served him, Kojima got really upset. He revealed that he called him into his dressing room and lectured him, saying, “You’re not ready yet. As a result, Watanabe’s ‘personality’ disappeared, and the show became Kojima-dominated.

However, the most recent episode, “B&W Anjush,” has a distinctly different “color” to it.

On the broadcast of the 12th, Chihara Jr., known for his sharp tongue, was invited as a guest, and he teased Watanabe. Chihara was asked to comment on his appearance on Nippon Television’s “Hirunandesu!” Watanabe commented:

I’m going to start self-reflect when this is over. I think I was more focused on the recording. I thought that if I lowered the tension, they would find out. I wanted to forget about the unpleasant things, so I concentrated on the project in front of me. Maybe it had a positive effect, maybe it created a positive effect.”

When he looked back on the event in a mysterious way, Chihara called him a “dame-nandez” and Kojima a “psychopath.”

On the 5th of the same month, Gekidan Hitori made a guest appearance. He immediately said

“Many comedians have become more relaxed because of you,” he said. “I think he saved many comedians and their families.”

He teased. Hitori referred to Watanabe’s “full bash” press conference in December 2008

“I don’t want to give a lame press conference like that.”

He grinned. He used Takeshi Kitano’s past press conferences after his scandals as an example.

“I was just sitting there with my head down,” he said, “and I said, ‘I just did what I needed to do. Well, comedians only do what they do when they get a job.”

He stressed the greatness of the company. When Kojima heard this and said, “Do it,” Watanabe raised his voice and said

“It would be a firestorm, you know!”

He denied it, and the studio was filled with laughter.

The studio was filled with laughter. Compared to the first time, the atmosphere on the set was much more cheerful. It was good that we invited comedians who can tease like Junior and Hitori.

I think that Mr. Kojima has changed from a soft landing, showing remorse to the world at first, to a direction in which he entrusts himself with the help of his fellow comedians.

Ryota Sakai, a junior member of the Yoshimoto comedian “Onigoe Tomahawk,” said on the “Many Places Audrey” (TV Tokyo) broadcast on March 13

I think Mr. Watanabe will definitely make a V-shaped comeback.”

He asserted. As to the basis

People in this industry have a lot of unfamiliar luck and unfamiliar vitality, so sometimes they make a V-shaped recovery from an impossible situation.”

He said. Currently, Onikoshi is desperately trying to get Watanabe to collaborate with him on a YouTube collaboration.

Onigoe said, “Anjush has a long career, and Junia, Hitori, and I are all comrades-in-arms. I think that is why they are taking a risk with regard to the pay, and are putting their skin on the line for Anjush.

The industry is wondering when “Ogi Yahagi,” a junior member of Anjush who has been jostling Watanabe since the scandal, and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, who has often used Watanabe as a topic on his show, will appear on the show. There is a lot of interest in it.

With the help of his “comrades-in-arms,” Watanabe seems to be steadily moving forward.

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