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Putin’s Request for North Korea’s Help Could Lead to World’s Worst Nightmare!

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Kim Jong-un is said to have received a request for support from President Putin. Will he enter Ukraine (Image: KNS/KCNAAFP/Afro)

I think there is a good chance that North Korea will enter the Ukraine. However, I do not think that North Korea will take active action on its own. I think they will sell their favors to Russia in the form of a strong request.

Pyon Jin-il, editor-in-chief of “Korea Report” and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

A month and a half has passed since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin’s plan to over run the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in a short period of time has collapsed, and the war has become a quagmire. Russia, which continues to struggle, has reportedly introduced volunteer “Kadyrov troops” from the Chechnya Republic and mercenaries from Syria. Requests for assistance from its allies seem to be becoming more active.

According to Ukrainian television station TSN, “Russian Defense Minister Shoigu visited China and North Korea in mid-March.” The purpose of the visit was a supply request for missiles and other weapons. It is said that Xi Jinping of China turned down the request, but Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, readily agreed to it,” said a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper.

Four Reasons North Korea Cannot Refuse

At this point, Russia’s request appears to be limited to arms support. However, if the war drags on, it is possible that North Korea may be asked to join Ukraine, as it did in Chechnya and Syria. Mr. Hen mentioned above.

Kim Jong-un, who owes North Korea a big debt from the past, will not be able to refuse Russia’s request. There are four reasons: First, Russia helped in the Korean War during the Soviet era and liberated Ukraine. The company also forgave us about 1.2 trillion yen.

Third, if Russia loses the war and is weakened, it will lose its backing, and fourth, it is in a similar situation of being subject to severe economic sanctions from the West. It is the long-held desire of both countries to overthrow the Western-led world system and take the initiative. For Russia and North Korea, now is an opportune time to make that wish come true.”

Even considering the domestic situation, Kim Jong-un has reasons to be positive about entering Ukraine. Mr. Hen continues.

North Korea has 1.1 million soldiers. North Korea has 1.1 million soldiers, more than Russia’s 900,000. But there are no major military events, and most of the daily work is labor work, such as building construction. There is a surplus of people. As for Kim Jong-un, he would be prepared to send as many as 50,000 or 100,000.

Participation in Ukraine will also help North Korea, which is suffering from economic sanctions. It will also help North Korea, which is suffering from economic sanctions, because it will be able to earn foreign currency. North Korea is said to have sent volunteer soldiers to the Syrian Civil War, but the Assad regime paid about $5,000 per soldier per month (about 600,000 yen). If 100,000 soldiers were sent to Ukraine for the same amount of compensation, that would be $5 billion per month. That would be about 600 billion yen in revenue.”

Russia seems to be even more grateful for North Korea’s participation in the war than Chechnya or Syria.

The increased frequency of missile tests since the beginning of this year shows the high performance of North Korean weapons. Most of North Korea’s weapons were originally made in the former Soviet Union, but they have been improved upon and are now superior to those made in Russia. If a large number of troops and high-performance weapons are deployed, the war situation could change drastically.

The Korean People’s Army’s entry into the Ukraine coincides with the intentions of both North Korea and Russia. Kim Jong-un teaming up with President Putin. Does the world will see its worst nightmare?

  • Photo KNS/KCNAAFP/Afro

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