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Medvedeva’s Red Costume Calls for Her Followers to Switch to Her Telegram

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Russian female figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, silver medalist at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, made headlines worldwide after posting an anti-war message on her Instagram account. She has now revealed her bright red see-through outfit on her Instagram account, and fans have mixed feelings about the message she wrote along with it.

The expression on her face is quite deep, how about her feelings?

Medvedeva released two photos of herself in a bright red one-shoulder outfit: the first photo shows her skating on the ice with her hands raised above her head, while the second photo shows her hands in front of her. It is a mysterious photo that makes one sigh at the sheer beauty of it all.

Medvedeva, however, wrote the following message along with the photos.

Please jump into my telegram.

What does this mean?

The background of the post is the “Instagram ban” by the Russian government. Russia, which has been tightening its control of speech since its invasion of Ukraine, has also tightened regulations on social networking sites. Insta, which has 80 million users in Russia, was also subject to the ban.

In response, many Russian influencers, including Medvedeva, have moved to Telegram, a social networking service originating in Russia. Somehow, they were still able to update their Instagram even after the ban, and Medvedeva continues to update her Instagram. However, she has been trying to direct her Instagram followers to her Telegram account by sending out messages such as the following.

Immediately after the Russian attack began, Medvedeva’s Instagram posts received praise from around the world, but there were also those who worried that she was in danger. Whether it is on Instagram or Telegram, it is probably better to be able to confirm her safety by sending messages. We can only hope that a peaceful world where Medvedeva and others can speak freely will soon arrive.

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