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Bizarre Appointments, Threats of Losing Power–Nebo, Akihiro, and Okoye: “The Background of the Bright and Dark Differences”

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Neo takes pitching practice in the bullpen at camp this spring (Image: Kyodo News)

Four hits, no walks, a .500 batting average, and one game as a starter…

Subaru Neo, Chunichi 21 April 15 The following are the results as of March 31, 2012. It has been four years since he was drafted first overall by Toin Osaka as a star of the Koshien Stadium. Despite high expectations, there are no signs of his awakening.

He is stubborn. Even when the coaches give him detailed advice on what to correct, he reverts to his original style the next day. Norihiro Nakamura, the hitting coach, also expressed this complaint. Even if you give them an assignment, they immediately revert back to their original style. It’s time for them to trust me. …… He said.

On the other hand, there is a side of him that is too serious. If I don’t play as well as I want to, I think too much and lock myself in my room. There is no doubt that he has great ability. If he can be a little more flexible and not stick too much to his own style, I think the results will come.

The defensive positions are also not set in stone. Neo is a utility player who can play both inside and outside, but with the emergence of Koya Ishikawa, a year his junior, and rookie Kojo Ukai, he is almost certain to be a regular at each position. There is no room for Nebo to take advantage of the situation. In order to make the most of Neo’s characteristics, a new and unexpected method of using him has emerged.

He can play both as a pitcher and a pitcher. Nebo often took the mound when he was with the Toin Boys of Osaka, and his fastest speed was 1.0 seconds per inning. 150km He also throws a fastball of Manager Kazuyoshi Tatsunami is also very positive. In fact, when the game went into extra innings against Hiroshima on April 2, he took pitching practice in the bullpen. He was preparing as a reliever. As a super-sub for a two-tool pitcher, he is well worth being on the bench.

Pressure of “number 55

Number worn by Hideki Matsui from this season 55 The second year player of the Giants, Masato Akihiro ( 19 (1). He is 2 meters tall and, like Matsui, hits left-handed. The expectations of the top management were high, but …… The company is a member of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

In the open game, the batting average .143 He hit 0 home runs and was not very good. I think the reason for this is that the expectations of the leaders are too high. Coaches Tatsunori Hara, Shinnosuke Abe, Daisuke Motoki, and Yoshiyuki Kamei worked closely with him. He seemed to be in a panic as he received advice from various people in turn.

In the past, as with Akihiro, the number 55 The example of Taiji Ota, who was given the number “A” but felt the pressure of excessive expectations and failed to produce results, is another example. The leadership must have considered Akihiro’s physical and mental condition. He will start the season with the second team. They have changed their policy to carefully nurture him in the farm system, rather than using him in the first team.

More than the above two players, Rakuten’s Rui Okoe ( 24 is in a difficult situation. He suffered a cartilage defect in his left knee joint last year. November. He underwent surgery in June. This is the second time in the last season alone that Okoye has had a scalpel operation, following his left wrist in February of the same year. His full recovery is undecided, and there is no timetable for his return.

The leaders are very critical of Okoye,” said the manager of the team, “even so. In 20 He made no first-team appearances in 2006. Last season was the first time in two years that he appeared in a first-team game. 10 A slow play against SoftBank in May left all runners on base with the bases loaded. Kazuhisa Ishii GM He was demoted to the second team again. Ishii criticized Okoye’s attitude, saying, “He was not thinking straight.

On the other hand, Okoye has high self-esteem. He affirms himself as he does every year, saying, ‘I’m growing too well, too smoothly. If he does not fundamentally change his thinking, he may lose his place in the team. His physical ability is recognized by those around him, but this is his seventh year. If he doesn’t produce results, he could be ruled out of the team.

No matter how many accomplishments a player may have achieved in high school, he or she will not be able to survive in the pros if he or she does not produce results. The struggles of young players continue.

Akihiro received enthusiastic instruction directly from manager Hara at camp this spring.
Okoye’s dynamic hitting form when he was at Kanto Ichi High School
Neo has also taken the mound at Koshien. The photo shows the final of the 18-year Olympics, which he won. Against Chiben Wakayama
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