Sari Ito’s “passionate love affair with a talented scriptwriter” – God’s response shown during the confirmation interview. | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Sari Ito’s “passionate love affair with a talented scriptwriter” – God’s response shown during the confirmation interview.

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Ito answered our direct interview politely, occasionally bursting into laughter. I was impressed by Hourai, who looked at her with concern beside her.

Popular actress Sari Ito (27) has been blowing up in terms of popularity. Her response to a report in this magazine about her “age difference love” with Ryuta Horai (46), a talented scriptwriter, is being praised as a “divine response.

Mr. Ito is open about his relationship and says, ‘I wonder if I’m finally being photographed. She doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by the news reports, but she is telling the people involved in the upcoming stage productions, etc., “I’m sorry for making a fuss about it. She really cares about the staff and other people involved.

Indeed, this magazine reported that Ito repeatedly said “Thank you very much! The first time I saw him, he was bowing his head.

Ito was also a godly response to the magazine’s direct questioning. Let’s play back the exchange in uncut.

–Excuse me. This is Friday.

Ito: “Seriously, seriously. So this is what it’s like (laughter). I’m so surprised!”

–Is it true that you two are dating?

Ito: “What! Why⁉haha. (Looking at Hourai) What should I say?
Hourai: “Right.”

–I was wondering if a big couple was in the making.

Ito: “No, no, no~ (laughter)”

–You live together, don’t you?

Horai: “How can I do that too ……”
Ito: “I don’t know how to say this~”
Horai: “That’s difficult.”

Ito: “It’s a difficult place to be (blowing out laughter). (You’re (alert) so rattled! I’m at the point where I’m saying it’s great. …… It’s not that I have to hide it because I’m not an idol, but it’s difficult to say something like this, isn’t it? I don’t know what the managers and others want to do. The vision I have for myself and the vision my manager has for me are different.

–So you two have a close relationship?

Horai: “Yes, that’s right.”
Ito: “That’s the one I hear a lot (laughs). After all, that’s where entertainers land, isn’t it? So, is it better to be “friendly” or something? Because ‘we are friends’ is already a lie. (Looking at Hourai) Say we are friends (laughs).”

–Is it like a sudden approach at the dance that Mr. Horai worked on last June?

Horai: “No, it wasn’t like that at all at that time.”
Ito: “I was an ordinary director at that time (laughs).”

–Thank you for answering quite a few questions.

Horai: “Maybe you shouldn’t talk so much.”
Ito: “Oh, I see! (laughter)”

–I’m sure you’ve talked enough.

Ito: “Ha-ha-ha. I can write enough (articles) (laughs). I’m glad.”

–The two of you care for each other and talk with each other.

Horai: “Yes, I think her work is the most important thing.”

–Thank you!

Ito tried to answer the question in his own words, looking Hourai in the eye and discussing the answer to his question. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, with both parties taking care of each other. After the direct interview, Ito said, “Sorry, it’s cold. Thank you. Thank you for your hard work.” He bowed deeply to this reporter and left.

I felt I understood why Ito is so loved.

Ito looked relaxed, as if he was having an off-day. He was heading downtown in the evening with a woman who seemed to be his friend and a man he was dating. ……
Ito and Hourai head to a popular sushi restaurant while smiling and conversing, both wearing white shirts and black pants as a link coordinate.
After returning home, Hourai goes shopping by bicycle. Except for the occasional drink, she went straight home to her “love nest.

From the April 29, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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