Ryoko Hirosue: “Performing with Myself 25 Years Ago” – The True Face of a Mother Behind Her Beauty | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue: “Performing with Myself 25 Years Ago” – The True Face of a Mother Behind Her Beauty

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Ryoko Hirosue enjoys herself at a Chinese restaurant with a woman who appears to be her mother’s friend. They were talking about child-rearing (’18).

Actress Ryoko Hirosue, now 41, is a surprise.

It all started with a McDonald’s “Bacon Potato Pie” commercial that aired on April 7, in which Hirosue co-stars with her 16-year-old self over a flavor that has remained the same for 25 years.

Twenty-five years ago was right around the time that “Maji de Koi suru 5 sekun mae” (5 seconds before Koi in Maji) became a big hit in 1997. As a super idol of the purist school, she was always in demand on TV.

As the commercial intended, Hirosue’s old-fashioned good looks are still being seen on the Internet.

I guess he’s so confident that he can put up with images of himself from 25 years ago.
The same transparency. Or rather, it has increased.
“Now and forever unbeatable.

The praise has included such comments as.

Speaking of Hirosue, she made her debut in 1995 when she was a junior high school student in a CLEARASIL commercial. With her crystal clear image, she became a breakout star.

She was always the target of weekly magazines and the like.” In 1999, she was discovered to be in love with Yusuke Iseya, who was still unknown.’ In 2003, she surprised the public by announcing her “child-bearing marriage” to model Takahiro Okazawa.

The following year, in 2004, she gave birth to her first son, but in 2008 she announced her divorce. Two years later, in 2010, she announced her second marriage to candle artist Candle Jun and had two children.

She is the mother of two boys and a girl, but she rarely wears a disguise in the neighborhood. Now she probably wears a mask because of the Corona disaster, but before that she was really walking around the neighborhood shopping district with her children in normal clothes.

If you said hello to him, he would readily return your greeting, and his non-star-like attitude was well known in the local community. When her youngest daughter was still small, I often saw her riding her mama bicycle to and from her lessons. Many fathers would look twice at her as they passed her in the street (laughs).

In her private life, Hirosue was fulfilling her duties as a mother to the best of her ability. She was also a conspicuous presence at the schools her children attended.

Despite her busy work schedule, Ms. Hirosue actively participated in PTA activities and stood for election as a board member. I often saw her and her husband participating in athletic meets and cultural festivals together. They were very popular among the mothers at the school,” said a parent whose child attended the same school.

It seems certain that behind her 25 years of beauty lies a happy family….

Ryoko Hirosue smiling at her graduation ceremony in the spring of ’96 at the age of 15.
Dating with Yusuke Iseya, who was still unknown (’99)
Even in a mask, Hirosue is full of aura. Some people even looked at her twice (’21).
After buying meat, fruit, and other foodstuffs, she also bought a cake, perhaps as a souvenir for her three children (’20).
When the children were young, Hirosue used to take them to and from school on her “mama-chari” bicycle.
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