Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “too beautiful in a short-sleeved dress! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “too beautiful in a short-sleeved dress!

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Actress and model Nanao’s too beautiful “super short sleeve dress” is the talk of the town.

Nanao is the image character of Tokyo City Horse Racing, and a new commercial has just been released.

Even her kicking sand movement is gorgeous…! (From the commercial’s press release)

The commercial is based on DREAMS COME TRUE’s “I’m so happy! Fun! I love it! Nanao and Jun Shizon, who is also the image character, run nimbly to the tune of “DOSCO prime Version.

The scene was synchronized with a racehorse chasing scene. At the end, the two say, “Go through it. In a time when society as a whole continues to feel anxious and stagnant, the two say, “Push through. ( press release), “TCK hopes to be the power for its fans to push through their daily lives and beyond their expectations.

A photo of Nanao was also released along with the commercial. Nanao, dressed in a light pink ultra-short sleeveless dress, is kicking up sand with all her might. It is a very dynamic photo.

Nanao is gaining more and more attention every year. In the movie “Jigoku no Hanazono” released in June last year, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker. The Sunday drama “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room” (TBS), in which she played the role of a skilled nurse, was also a big hit. The average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto region, according to Video Research), and a sequel is already being anticipated.

It is also attracting attention from overseas. In the “Crossroads Project” launched by Giorgio Armani this spring, she was selected as one of 14 women from around the world who are “elegant and independent in a variety of fields.

Nanao said, “It is amazing for me to have started this job and to have made it this far. I never imagined that I would become like this in the past, so I think this job is the best for me,” she said in the interview video.

As Nanao continues to broaden her range of activities, we can’t take our eyes off of her any longer: ……!

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