Ruthless Putin’s Ruthless Order to Slaughter Units “Aims Too Bad” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ruthless Putin’s Ruthless Order to Slaughter Units “Aims Too Bad”

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President Zelensky looks grim after inspecting Bucha, where the massacre took place (Image: AFP/Afro)

64th Automated Sniper Brigade.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry released details on April 4 about the unit that allegedly carried out the massacre in Bucha, near the capital of Kyiv. The names, dates of birth, ranks, and passport information of about 1,600 soldiers belonging to the unit are available at ……. The Associated Press presents the residents’ graphic accounts of the unit’s atrocities.

Russian soldiers went door to door and dragged out residents who had taken refuge in basements. They checked the smart phones that the residents had. If they found anti-Russian posts, they killed them without mercy. In one basement, they found 18 bodies with their hands and feet bound. Some of them were children. …… The bodies’ limbs had been severed into pieces.

According to the Ukrainian government, more than 400 bodies were found near Khiu. Some were thrown into the sewers, some had T-shirts over their heads and were shot in the back of the head, and others were found with sunken faces and marks from being eaten by dogs. …… The entire city was filled with horrific scenes.

The mass killing of unarmed civilians is a clear violation of international law.” The Ukrainian government has vehemently condemned the barbaric actions of the Russian military, saying, ‘All war criminals should be brought to justice and denounced. Criticism from abroad is also growing by the day. Soldiers who laid hands on civilians should be tried by an international court.” (Reporter from the international section of a national newspaper)

Only two days of rest

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has also released some surprising information about the “64th Automated Sniper Brigade,” which allegedly carried out the massacre, once pulled back to Russia by April 6, only to be given two days off by President Putin again. He pointed out that they were deployed to the most intense battleground in eastern Kharkiv. Slaughter troops are coming back,” he said. There is a danger of a slaughter similar to that in Bucha,” he said, calling on residents to be careful.

The troops were deployed back into the battlegrounds with almost no respite. Behind President Vladimir Putin’s seemingly forceful order lies a ruthless agenda. Professor Itsuro Nakamura of Tsukuba Gakuin University, an expert on the situation in Russia, tells us.

“He is probably trying to cover up the fact that the massacre took place, and he is trying to keep his mouth shut. They are trying to put in the fiercest battle and make the people involved in the massacre disappear. It is a callous order to avoid criticism from the international community.

Perhaps the members of the unit in question are soldiers from Chechnya or Syria. Regular Russian soldiers would indeed not be able to massacre Ukrainians with impunity, with whom they have close historical ties. Syrian mercenaries of a completely different ethnicity would be able to murder civilians without hesitation.

Also, if they are Russian soldiers, the “Association of Mothers of Soldiers,” an influential family group within the country, will not remain silent, and they are expected to protest that it is too harsh to send them back to the war zone after a two-day break. It is precisely because they are foreign mercenaries who are not legitimate soldiers that they are able to give such unreasonable orders.

If the re-deployment of troops and the massacre are true, then President Putin is willing to sacrifice his allies in order to bury an “inconvenient truth.

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