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Nanako Matsushima’s overwhelming aura in her “granny perm” location

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Inagi 9:20 a.m.

Matsushima heads to the pickup truck with a smile on her face after shooting a scene. Her curly perm looks surprisingly good on her!

The drama “My Neighbor’s Chikara” (TV Asahi) has just reached its final episode. It is a home comedy starring Matsumoto Jun (38).

Early one morning, we witnessed the location shooting at a park in Inagi City, Tokyo. At 9:00 a.m., a woman with a curly perm and dowdy clothes arrived. It was Nanako Matsushima (48). She and Kazuyuki Asano (68), who plays the role of the apartment manager, head to the apartment where the filming takes place. They returned to the pickup truck after only 15 minutes, as if they were filming only one scene.

Matsushima dares to take on a variety of roles so that the image of a single role does not stick with her. This time, too, she played an unprecedented role as an eccentric old lady who is addicted to fortune-telling. Since she was playing a role 10 years older than her actual age, she used makeup to make herself look older and studied the tone of her voice.

In the play, Matsushima played the role of the eccentric old lady with great skill. However, her forehead was shiny when she was chatting with the staff. Even with a mask on, she exuded a beauty that could not be hidden. The “pretty lady” is still alive and well.

Unpublished photo of Nanako Matsushima Nanako Matsushima was spotted in Inagi during the filming of a drama series.

From the April 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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