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Fans Complicated by Anti-War Medvedeva’s “Pure White Bathrobe”

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Russian women’s figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, a silver medalist at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, made global headlines after posting an anti-war message on her Instagram account. She has now posted an “enchanting bathrobe” on her Instagram account, which has created a buzz.

Nowadays, it may be necessary to attract the world’s attention by any means necessary….

Medvedeva is lying down in a white bathrobe. Her very relaxed expression is impressive. She appears to be taking a selfie, and “MAXIM COVER GIRL” is written in inverted red letters on the chest of her bathrobe.

Medvedeva actually graced the cover of the Russian edition of the men’s magazine “MAXIM. Medvedeva stunned her fans all over the world by showing off her daring bright red swimsuit. This photo was probably posted during a break between photo shoots.

Medvedeva, born in Moscow, Russia in 1999, father Armenian, mother Russian, started figure skating when she was 3 years old and won two consecutive World Championships in 2016 and 2017. She reigned as the undefeated absolute queen, but Alina Zagitova, who emerged like a comet, continued her rapid ascent and ended up with a silver medal at the PyeongChang Olympics.

In the midst of all this, Medvedeva posted a text on Instagram that smacked of protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which caused a worldwide stir.

Medvedeva posted this pitch-black image using the Stories function on Instagram. On that black screen, she added the message, “Like a bad dream, I hope it all ends as soon as possible.

While this drew praise from around the world, some people were concerned about whether they were in danger. Some pointed out that in Russia, where one cannot say anything critical about the government, the actions she took were very dangerous. That is why her appearances in magazines and social networking sites can confirm that she is safe. Perhaps Medvedeva is creating a buzz by dressing a bit boldly to relieve her fans.

In any case, one can only hope that the day will come soon when we no longer have to worry about her safety.

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