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New Allegations of Female Problems” Emerge for Popular Enka Singer on Trial in Mire

Takuya Nakazawa, who declared his relationship with a senior enka singer on White Day, is under new suspicion.

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Takuya Nakazawa sings passionately in front of his fans. In the course of his bogged-down trial with his ex-girlfriend A, new facts came to light

I really can’t believe what he’s doing.

I became a fan because I liked his songs; I helped him with an event in November 2018, which brought us closer and eventually led to a male-female relationship.

At the time, Nakazawa said, ‘I don’t have a girlfriend. I can only think about music now,’ so I had a faint hope that if I kept responding to his requests, I could become his girlfriend ……. However, last June, Mr. Nakazawa was dating another woman named Ms. A. I learned that the company had been in the midst of a major financial crisis. The period when Ms. A was dating Mr. Nakazawa and the period when I was meeting (with Nakazawa) almost coincided. I was really surprised.

I couldn’t forgive her for thinking that she was playing with me. ……

One woman in her twenties, Ms. B., said, “I was very surprised to hear about this. The other day, FRIDAY Digital reported that Takuya Nakazawa, a popular enka singer, is “in court with his former girlfriend, Ms. A.” She was shocked to see the contents of the report.

Until he went to court with his “ex-girlfriend.

Let’s recap what happened.

Takuya Nakazawa, a popular enka singer who won the Japan Record Award for Best Newcomer in 2017, announced on March 14 that he was in a serious relationship with Ai Nishida, a beautiful enka singer seven years his senior. The enka world seemed to be in a celebratory mood, but around the time of the dating news, it was also revealed that Nakazawa was being sued by “Ms. A,” his former girlfriend.

A reporter for a sports newspaper revealed.

A” filed a lawsuit against Nakazawa.

Ms. A and Nakazawa met around 2018 and developed a relationship; they were in a long-distance relationship, but after about a year, in April 2019, Ms. A discovered that she was pregnant; Nakazawa, who had just debuted in 2017, had a child Concerned about their financial ability to support themselves, they immediately asked Ms. A for an abortion, and Ms. A complied with their request.

According to Ms. A, after that, the three of them met with Nakazawa and the president of her agency, who also gave her words of support for their relationship toward marriage. Therefore, Ms. A considered that she was ‘engaged to Nakazawa.

Despite such circumstances, during the period of her relationship with Ms. A, she learned that Nakazawa had a male-female relationship with Nishida. In the end, Ms. A was unilaterally broken up with by Nakazawa. It became unthinkable for her to be treated that way after having even had an abortion, and Ms. A ended up filing a lawsuit against Nakazawa.”

The trial is still ongoing and is in a muddy state, but the woman at the beginning of this article, Ms. B, made a determined confession to FRIDAY Digital when she learned of the circumstances of the trial.

According to Ms. B’s testimony, while Nakazawa was dating Mr. A, he also had a sexual relationship with Ms. B. Ms. B was shocked to learn of Nakazawa’s disloyalty.

According to Ms. B’s testimony, while Mr. Nakazawa was dating Ms. A, he was also having a relationship with Ms. B. Ms. B was shocked to learn of Mr. Nakazawa’s disloyalty to her. At the very least, he must have been two-timing.

My first relationship with him was in March 2019. After that, Mr. Nakazawa asked me out again on April 3. We could not meet that day due to time constraints, but we agreed to meet a week later on April 10. That day we went to his home and also had relations.”

According to the court record of Ms. A, a former girlfriend, Nakazawa asked Ms. A, who was carrying a baby at the time, to have an abortion, and the date was set for Ms. A to undergo the surgery on April 9. This means that he had a physical relationship with another woman not long after.

LINE communication between Nakazawa and Ms. B
LINE between Nakazawa and Ms. B. The top line is from April 2019 and the bottom line is from August 2019

Ms. B continued to communicate with Nakazawa on LINE, etc. In August 2019, when Ms. B sent a video of a TV program in which Nakazawa appeared to Nakazawa himself, he received the following message.


Mr. B recalls what happened then.

I thought, “It’s weird to think about it now calmly. …… But at the time, I thought I could go out with him, so I thought that kind of exchange was inevitable. In the end, I did not send him any images. After that, he kept sending me messages asking for sexual images, but I never sent any.”

Another woman, another…

The allegations don’t stop there: around the summer of 2019, when Ms. B began receiving frequent sexual messages, Nakazawa was also in contact with another woman, Ms. C, who was underage at the time.

Like Ms. B, Ms. C also became a fan of Nakazawa and was chasing after him. Ms. C. reveals about the messages she received from Nakazawa.

I liked Nakazawa’s singing voice and face, so I sent messages to his DMs on Instagram. I also became a fan because of his gentlemanly manner when I had my picture taken at an event. Then, around the summer of 2007, I started receiving replies from Mr. Nakazawa. However, the content of the message was too much ……”


Ms. C was confused, but she did not want to be disliked, so for a while, she looked for images of other women on the Internet and sent them back to Nakazawa to deceive him. The company was in the process of developing a new business model.

However, in January 2020, after the new year, the requests sent to Ms. C. from Nakazawa escalated.

<Nakazawa sent Ms. C. a request that escalated in January 2020: “Take a picture from the bottom so that I can see you. Laughs> (The word is used in the text to denote female genitalia, although it is used in a cryptic manner).

Eventually, Ms. C complied with Nakazawa’s persistent requests and sent him images of her breasts and pubic area that she had taken herself; according to Ms. C, she sent the images not once or twice, but more than ten times.

I also felt that Nakazawa-san probably had a girlfriend, but at the time I also liked Nakazawa-san and thought that I was the only one who wanted him, so I let my heart go and sent the images to him. …… However, I did not send the images of myself on the line. I didn’t want to leave it, so I erased it right after I sent it,” said Ms. C.

The contents of the LINE sent to Ms. C from Nakazawa. The part “so that you can see” is left blank, but words indicating female genitalia are written on the message.

It is not clear whether Nakazawa was aware of this, but Ms. C was a minor at the time. Demanding a “self-portrait” image of an indecent appearance from a person under the age of 18 may be a violation of the “Child Pornography Law.

Ms. C and Nakazawa had never met alone, and their only communication was on social networking sites. However, in someちゃんと学校も行けよ~笑> of the messages exchanged between the two, Nakazawa wrote to Ms. C. It is suspected that Nakazawa was aware that Ms. C was a student and was seeking sexual images from her.ちゃんと学校も行けよ~笑>

Are the two women’s accusations true? We sent a letter of inquiry to Nakazawa’s office, but the office president replied, “We are in court right now, and we are having our lawyers work hard to win justice for Nakazawa. I can’t comment on the matter as we are leaving it to them at this time,” he only replied.

However, the contents of the LINE showing Nakazawa’s relationship with the two women was also submitted as court documents, and is a point of interest in this trial (note: a different text of Ms. B’s LINE was submitted than the one in the article).

A more inexplicable thing happened before the publication of this article: his radio program “Takuya Nakazawa’s MUSIC HOUR!” (BSN Radio), which had been running since 2018, was suddenly announced to be terminated after its broadcast on April 9! The first time the “I” in the name of the “I” was in the name of the “I. The program ended late in the program while soliciting questions and messages from listeners for the following week and beyond. As one might expect, there were comments on SNS from fans who said, “It doesn’t make sense to end the program like this,” but it is possible that the series of court cases and other issues may have had an impact on the program.

On March 18, Nakazawa submitted a statement of evidence to the court through his lawyer. In it, it is stated as follows


What the girls, who decided to press charges, were seeking was a “sincere explanation” from Nakazawa. If he had explained how he felt toward them, the situation would not have become so complicated.

At the same time, it is necessary to take seriously the fact that such “accusations” have been made one after another and directly explain or explain to the girls, even now.

Another line showing Nakazawa’s communication with Ms. C in March 2020

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