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Ruriko Kojima: Aiming To Be The “Leader Of The Next Generation”?

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Ruriko Kojima, who reminded the audience about electricity conservation and pedestrian manners.

Don’t wave your hands so much behind your back at the station or on the street! You’ll have to walk  two people apart!

On April 8, celebrity Ruriko Kojima complained about pedestrian manners on her Twitter page.


She said that there was someone walking diagonally behind her with a big wave of her hand, and she had a hard time avoiding him. Fans responded to this in the comments section

What a great observation. The average person wouldn’t notice that much.
I can really sympathize.

Many expressed their sympathy.


Speaking of Kojima, on March 22, when the supply and demand of electricity in Tokyo was tight and the government asked to save electricity

What can be enjoyed without electricity? I guess I’ll just have to take a half-bath in the dark.

She posted this on Twitter. She suggested ways to enjoy spending time without using much electricity.

From the perspective of Generation Z, 28-year-old Ms. Kojima is like an “older sister,” and this kind of socially meaningful and enlightening post may be sympathetic to them. For example, Ms. Eriko Imai, Ms. Chisato Morishita, who lost her election to the House of Representatives, and Ms. Akiko Ikuina are also running for the Upper House next election.


Political parties often field celebrities in order to launch women’s advancement in society. “In the future, Ms. Kojima may be approached by one of these parties,” said a TV station insider.

However, Kojima has made inflammatory remarks many times in the past, and it is certain that he has many antagonists. The post “Don’t walk around waving your hands” at the beginning of this article also received some anti-comments.


When Kojima was on a date with a famous manga artist in Fukuoka in the past, she was photographed placing her suitcase and other luggage on an escalator while Kojima hugged him from behind.

And the couple blocking the escalator is also an obstruction in the way.

He wrote. As one might expect, it would be meaner to look at it from such a point of view, but one could say that this is also a sign of a popular celebrity

“I might be tempted to tweet as a reminder when I am offended, but once I tweet, it becomes a digital tattoo that stays with me semi-permanently.” If you violate your own manners, it can boomerang back at you. Antis have a great ability to find out what you said at a certain time. You have to be careful.

Nevertheless, Kojima has a great deal of support and sympathy from fans. It seems that he has a good chance of becoming a leader of the next generation, despite the voices of the anti-fans.

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