All members of HiHi Jets on location for a long time from early morning | FRIDAY DIGITAL

All members of HiHi Jets on location for a long time from early morning

News in the field FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 <Tokyo, 14:15>.

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The members of “HiHi Jets” were photographed wearing matching ties. Some fans secretly watch the filming from afar.

The late-night drama “Zenryoku! HiHi Jets” in which the five members star in “Cleaners” (ABC TV).

I witnessed the location shooting at a park in Tokyo early one morning. After finishing shooting a scene with Yuto Takahashi (22) and a female student, Ryuto Sakuma (19), Ryo Hashimoto (21), Soya Igari (19), and Mizuki Inoue (21), who were waiting in a tent, came out. All of them are wearing matching suits, and Sakuma has a regent hair style.

The film is a comedy about the struggles of the “Cleaners,” dark cleaners who fight against evil. The reason Sakuma wears a regent is because he is supposed to be a yankee character” (TV station official).

The members showed no signs of fatigue during the long hours of filming, and we look forward to seeing the five of them perform in perfect harmony.

Unpublished photos of HiHi Jets members on location for long hours from early in the morning
Unpublished cuts from the magazine HiHi Jets members all together on location for a long time early in the morning.

From the April 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Meiko Koike

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