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Kushiro, Kuji, Katopan… “Fuji Graduate Announcers” Full of Charm

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Moemi Kudai and YouTuber Haru-kun walking side by side. They had a big fight and even got into trouble with the police, but the couple seems to be getting along well.

Moehmi Hisashiro, 32, who has graduated from Fuji Television Network, has found a new agency to which to belong.

On April 6, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced that it had signed a management contract with her. The document sent to media outlets reads as follows

We will continue to support Moemi Hisashiro’s activities as an announcer and TV personality, and would like to ask for your continued support.

This document contains Yoshimoto Kogyo’s intentions.

“The emphasis is on the word ‘talent. This is probably an indication of the company’s intention to support her not only as an announcer, but also as an actress and model in the future. First of all, “BS Yoshimoto,” which opened in March, is likely to be Kushiro’s main battleground.

During her Fuji days, Kushiro served as an assistant MC for “Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee” and “Widener Show,” and was considered a future ace. However, even if she goes freelance, it is likely to be a hurdle for her to appear in her old home.

The main reason why I left Fuji was the “Shukan Bunshun” report in April 2009, in which a number of Fuji female announcers were involved. It was even suspected that Kushiro had leaked the information to the weekly magazine. Three months after the report, Kushiro was suddenly transferred to the Network Bureau.

Unexpected Personnel Changes

Akiko Kuji on a driving date with Yakult pitcher Juri Hara, photographed in April 2007.

Akiko Kuji, 27, who like Kushiro showed great promise for the future, will also be leaving Fuji at the end of April.

Kuji has been a center of attention since she was a student at Aoyama Gakuin University. She worked as a model for the fashion magazine “non-no” and was selected as a sports caster for “Mezamashi TV” in her first year at Fuji in April 2005. She became the youngest person ever to be appointed as an anchor, making her an ace of Fuji in both name and reality. However, …….

It seemed as if she would become the main anchor for “Mezamashi TV,” and then slide sideways to become the main anchor for “Mezamashi TV. Kuji was expected to succeed Ayako Kato, who had gone freelance. However, the unexpected personnel change was revealed in March of last year. Seika Inoue, one year Kuji’s junior, was selected as the main anchor. The first time I saw the show, I was surprised at the number of people who were interested in it.

For Kuji, this must have been quite a shock. It meant that the lineage of the signature announcer had been transferred from Kuji to Inoue. Many station employees believe that this personnel change was one of the reasons for her departure.

Kuji plans to rejoin Innocent, the entertainment agency to which she belonged when she was a student.

Her partner’s annual sales are 200 billion yen.

Katopan (Ayako Kato) appeared at a Halloween event in Odaiba dressed as a witch. She attracted ordinary costumers with her chest puffed out.

Ayako Kato, 36, a freelance announcer, has been a facilitator for 13 years on “Honma Dekka! TV” (Fuji, hereafter “Honma”), where she has facilitated for 13 years, will graduate in April. Katopan’s personal life seems to be influencing her departure.

Katopan got married last June. Her partner is the president of a company that operates supermarkets and meat stores mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. The company’s annual sales are worth 200 billion yen. He is a handsome man who graduated from Keio University and his hobby is golf.

However, because Katopan is so busy, they have a hard time taking time to relax as a couple. They are newlyweds who have only been married for less than a year. Katopan’s desire to cherish her family may have influenced their decision to graduate from “Homma.

There are rumors that “Homma” is not the only program that will be graduating.

The evening information program “Live News It! ‘ (Japanese only) (Nippon Television Network Corporation, hereafter “It”). The ratings for “It” have been stagnant at 2-3%. The top-ranked information program broadcast in the same evening is “news NTV’s “every. 3rd part” (NTV) is around 5%. 2nd place “N-sta. The second part” (TBS) is just under 4%, and “Super J Channel” (TV Asahi) is in third place. It is in the low 3% range.

Katopan is always smiling and making her co-stars feel at ease, but she is very serious and earnest about her work. It is said that she may feel responsible for the lack of improvement in the show’s ratings and is considering leaving the show.

This spring, former female Fuji announcers will be starting out on their own. With their abundance of talent and charm, these women are sure to excel on their new stage.

Anna Hisayo, who was in a punk band in college, is wearing a leather jacket and a surprisingly rock ‘n’ roll outfit.
Anna Kuji on a date with Yakult pitcher Juri Hara, photographed in April 2007.
Katopan graduated from Kunitachi College of Music in March 2008 with a Bachelor of Music degree. She also studied in the Music Education Department and aspired to become a teacher. Studied piano from an early age.
Anna Kushiro and Haru-kun walk to the main street to get a cab; photo taken in November 2007.
Anna Kuji graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University’s Faculty of Economics in March 2005.
Farewell party held with 32 Fuji classmates. Katopan calmly supports Keiko Tsubakihara, an announcer whose legs bent in an impossible direction due to drunkenness.
Announcer Hisayo and Harukun walk to the main street to get a cab; photo taken November 19, 2007.
Anna Kuji shopping at a supermarket near her home
Dinner with three male acquaintances at an upscale French restaurant in Hiroo (Shibuya Ward). He was in a good mood as he drank white wine with gusto from the beginning.
  • Photographed by Takayuki Ogawauchi Sota Shima Keisuke Nishi Ippei Hara

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