The evolution of Orbis never stops! 24-hour operation & ultra-high performance machines! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The evolution of Orbis never stops! 24-hour operation & ultra-high performance machines!

Speeding enforcement has come this far!

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The “semi-fixed” and “semi-fixed
Sensis” capable of measuring 3 lanes simultaneously is being deployed one after another.

A new weapon has been introduced to strengthen speeding enforcement. The latest type of Orbis “MSSS” from Sensys Gatso (Sweden), commonly known as “Sensys,” is being deployed mainly in the Kanto region.

Conventional Orbis systems can only measure one lane, and the maximum speed at which they can photograph a vehicle is 240 km/h. However, the “Sensys” easily surpasses these “limits. Mr. Katsumi Osuga, representative of PASOYA Corporation, which operates the “Orbis Guide” information website, explains.

Sensys” in operation, which can be installed in a space as small as 1 m2, and is being introduced mainly on ordinary roads.

Sensys can measure up to three lanes in each direction at the same time. The driver’s face is clearly visible even when driving at speeds of 300 km/h or more. Until now, it has been possible for following vehicles to dodge the Orbis by driving in a group of several vehicles, but ‘Sensys’ can also continuously detect the driver’s face.
Moreover, radar detectors sold at car accessory stores are almost non-responsive. It is almost too much help. The system is only used in eight prefectures, including Saitama and Chiba, but there is a possibility that it will spread nationwide in the future.

Conventional Orbis has also evolved. Currently, portable mobile Orbis systems are being introduced throughout Japan, but there are many problems, such as the fact that the batteries only last for a few hours. In April, the “semi-fixed type,” which eliminates the disadvantages of the mobile type, is scheduled to be deployed nationwide. Automotive journalist Kumiko Kato explains.

In the semi-fixed type, a “pedestal” equipped with a power source is installed on the shoulder of the road, etc., and the mobile Orbis is set there for use, enabling 24-hour operation. This “pedestal” is a tricky one, as you have to get quite close to see if the main unit is set or not. The pedestal alone is a deterrent. Pedestals have already been installed in Ibaraki and Kumamoto prefectures. Nagano Prefecture has also decided to install them. This semi-fixed type will become the mainstream in the future.

Keep the legal speed limit and drive safely. That is the best measure.

Following the three prefectures, deployment of the “semi-fixed” type is being considered for the Metropolitan Expressway.

From the April 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo. Orbis guide courtesy of Sensys, Utaka Isaki (semi-fixed Orbis)

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