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Tailwind for Yukipoyo! Behind the “scum of the earth” celebrity’s big breakthrough in the world of television

The staff saw it! The Untold Story of Weekly TV

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He is a gambler, heavily in debt, heavy drinker, and habitually late. Suzuki Mogura of “Air Stairway,” whose wife and children ran away from him because he was too much of a scamp, has also become a successful artist.

Yukipoyo (25) made her first terrestrial TV appearance in a long time on the March 23 broadcast of “Kuzmillion” (TBS).

In May ’19, a male acquaintance of Yukipoyo’s was arrested at her home on suspicion of cocaine use. She was also under suspicion, and her work declined drastically. The concept of the show Yukipoyo appeared in this time was “a game of pulling each other down by the worst scum in the entertainment industry,” so the station was able to cast her in an aggressive way.

She says that the current situation is a tailwind for her, as celebrities such as Takashi Sakai (30) of “The Mummy” and others who sell their scab characters on television are in great demand.

She says that the current situation is a tailwind for her: “Compliance is becoming stricter, and things such as appearance teasing and extreme punishment games are no longer allowed. However, it is certain that there are viewers who feel that “laughter that doesn’t hurt people” is not enough for them. That’s where the “bum teasing” comes in. Gambling debts and being unbelievably late are easy to make fun of because they are the fault of the person at fault.

They are selling the scum, and they are willing to tease them if it leads to work, so it’s a win-win-win situation. It is easy to use scandalous talents like Yukipoyo if they are used as bum characters,” said a producer at a key station.

The advertising agency official points out that the “Corona disaster” is also behind the popularity of scum.

While the sports and entertainment industries are being restricted by the corona disaster, sales of publicly operated sports that allow online voting are increasing across the board. However, since events cannot be held at racetracks due to infection control measures, they are focusing on live-streaming and TV programs. This is where the gambling-loving scrappy TV personalities come in handy.

The recently opened “BS Yoshimoto” has begun broadcasting live bicycle races sponsored by the bicycle ticket sales site “Chari-Loto,” and “Torosamon” and “Lavit! (The other cast members include Hiroshi Yamazoe, 36, of Aiseki Start, who was found to be a scab when he appeared on TBS’s “The Last of Us.

Comedian Dai “Grunge” (42), who was bashed as a “pimp husband” immediately after his marriage to Oniyakko Tsubaki (49), uses his knowledge of boat racing as a hobby to appear daily on live broadcasts at race tracks across Japan. His income sometimes exceeds that of Oniyaki’s in some months.

Yoichi Okano (40), a pin comedian who regularly appears on a pachinko show, has been revealed to be living in a tower apartment.

It seems that the scrappy talent will continue to make great strides, as they are not well-liked to begin with. ……

The use of mahjong players is also becoming more cautious because it is illegal to bet even small amounts of money on the game. If they just like to gamble, they have plenty of competitors such as Shinobu Sakagami (54) and Kei Tanaka (37), so they cannot survive if they are halfway scum. It is not easy,” said a producer at a key station.

Suzuki Mogura (34) of “Air Stairway” became a successful actor after winning the “King of Contest,” but “since his character is a bum, he has been gambling in between his schedule to keep up his debt,” according to a broadcaster.

Even as a scrappy character, it takes diligence (?) to stay in the forefront of the field. is necessary.

From the April 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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