Looting and resale, rape, slaughtering dogs… Russian soldiers without control “the shivering reality of tyranny”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Looting and resale, rape, slaughtering dogs… Russian soldiers without control “the shivering reality of tyranny”.

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Russian soldiers detained in Ukraine (Image: AFP/Afro)

Refrigerators, washing machines, accessories, shelves, cars, motorcycles, bicycles. ……

At the market in Narovlya, southern Belarus, it is said that you can get anything you want. Some of them are valuable works of art and expensive jewelry. All of these items were looted in Ukraine by Russian soldiers – and all of them were looted by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

On April 2, the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine revealed the barbaric acts of Russian troops. Russian soldiers broke into the homes of Ukrainian residents and ransacked furniture and other items. They are taking computers, televisions, and other items that could be worth money and reselling them in Belarus. Radio Free Europe, a U.S. media outlet, reported the following comments from Belarusian citizens.

Russian soldiers come in with tanks full of ‘goods. All the goods were stolen from the Ukrainian people. They are trying to sell us ‘spoils of war. Toys, dishes, tires, ……, you name it.

Ate the dog.”

More than 50 days have passed since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. The tyranny of Russian soldiers is being revealed one after another. They have repeatedly raped mothers in front of their children, publicly executed unarmed people, and dumped bodies in sewers. …… The victims of inhumane behavior are not only civilians.

The U.S. TV station “CBS” reported that there were piles of dead dogs at the animal shelter in Borodjanka, north of the capital city of Kieu. Every dog was in a state of disrepair, with only bones and skin. They had not been given water or food for more than a month since February, when Russian troops overran the city. The number of dogs that died is said to be over 300. ……

Ukrainian authorities released audio on Twitter of a man, believed to be a Russian soldier, telling his family that he ‘ate the dog. The Eastern European media outlet Visegrad24 posted a video of the bodies of a large number of dogs that appeared to have been shot dead, with the comment, ‘They must have been slaughtered before they retreated'” (reporter from the international section of a national newspaper).

Furthermore, the Russian military has been ruthless with the bodies of civilians and dogs during their retreat. Ukrainian President Zelensky, who inspected the devastation in and around Kiev, appealed to his people to be careful.

The bodies were planted with land mines. Do not carelessly touch them.

Why do the Russian military repeatedly commit barbaric acts? Professor Itsuro Nakamura of Tsukuba Gakuin University, an expert on the situation in Russia, explains.

It is because the morale of the Russian soldiers is severely degraded. There is widespread dishonesty in the military. High-ranking officers are embezzling defense funds and lining their own pockets. As a result, compensation and food are not sufficiently distributed among soldiers in the field, and there is a lack of control. The Russian military is like a mafia group with no discipline.

Furthermore, the unexpected counterattack by the Ukrainian army has forced them to retreat, and the Russian soldiers are in a state of panic. They are afraid that they will be killed by the Ukrainians, who have been taught that they are dangerous “neo-Nazis. They are in an extreme state of mind, and their actions are becoming unstoppable.

Russian troops without control. Ukraine continues to be raped by barbaric soldiers.

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