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Lifting Russian Sanctions in Figure World Draws Attention to “Plushenko’s Move”

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The “Czar” of the figure world, Plushenko (right), continues to defend President Vladimir Putin.

As sanctions against Russia are intensifying in the world of sports, the figure skating world is the only one that is having a hard time coping.

At the recent World Championships, Beijing Olympic gold medalist Anna Scherbakova, silver medalist Alexandra Trusova, and fourth-place finisher Kamila Varyeva were absent. This was partly due to the absence of Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto, who won the gold medal, and the men’s team of Masama Uno and Yuma Kagiyama, who achieved a one-two on the podium.

Nevertheless, the absence of the Russians also made for a lackluster showing. A reporter in charge of figure skating for a sports newspaper said

The International Skating Union (ISU) is also struggling to cope with the situation. The absence of the Russians has put a question mark over the level of the competition, and above all, there is concern that sponsors will leave. Unlike other sports, Russia is indispensable in figure skating.

He said.

Given this internal situation, Russia is also applying pressure. Elena Radionova, bronze medalist at the ’15 World Championships, told Russian media outlet Match TV

The main audience for figure skating is Russian and Japanese fans. If World Figure loses the Russian audience, sponsors will leave. They have put themselves in such a difficult situation.”

He asserted. The same Russian media outlet, Championat, reported that the ISU has notified the national federations to vote on whether or not to continue sanctions against Russia in order to decide on the future course of action regarding the sanctions.

The sanctions are “largely commercial in nature. They probably think that if they continue to impose sanctions, they will eventually fall in with Russia. There is a possibility that they will go back to the basics of separating sports and politics.

In this move, Tatyana Tarasova, a leading figure in the Russian figure world, also

Let’s hope for a positive decision,” he said. I don’t understand why he was suspended in the first place. Someone in their right mind needs to actively resolve this issue.”

The pressure is on.

While the lifting of sanctions with conditions is already said to be the default course of action in the figure skating world, a tectonic shift is also taking place within the Russian figure skating world. At the Beijing Olympics, the doping problem of Varyeva and her coach Eteri Tutvelyse’s strict guidance became a hot topic, and it is uncertain whether she will lead the strongest Russian team at the next international competition as well.

After the invasion of Ukraine, her attitude toward her homeland has been the subject of speculation. Suddenly, she deleted messages about Russia and shots of her with President Vladimir Putin from social networking sites. There were rumors that she had defected, but she claims that she was ‘hacked'” (figure skater).

Meanwhile, Evgeny Plushenko, who has a rival relationship with Tutberlise as a leader, has been unwavering in his defense of Russia. Although he was very popular in Japan, where he competed with Yuzuru Hanyu and others, many fans have become disillusioned with his series of words and actions. However, many fans have become disillusioned with his words and actions.

He frequently updates his own social networking site and plays the role of public relations officer, so to speak, appealing to the legitimacy of Russia. Naturally, there will be a payoff.

Perhaps he is aware of this, and he is also intent on “ousting” Tutberlise. Plushenko told the Russian media outlet Teleprograma about Tutberlise’s social networking deletion

“The special authorities see and know everything.

The first time I saw this, I was surprised at the level of the “I” in the word “I”. He continued.

Why do we need to know that?” It means there are people who monitor it. I think there is a special authority and they see and know everything. I don’t know anything about her U.S. properties, and I’m not interested…”

He said. The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above was

The point of this statement is that Plushenko has a close relationship with the Russian authorities and is in a position to keep track of developments. Until the Beijing Olympics, Tutberlise was the superior leader, but now the positions are reversed. It seems that the ‘Plushenko Army’ will rise to prominence in the figure world in the future.

He surmises. War is also a power struggle.

Will Plushenko, who swears allegiance to Russia, be accepted?

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