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Medvedeva’s “in black dress” post appears to have a complex background

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What is that serious expression appealing…?

Russian women’s figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, silver medalist at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, made a global splash by posting an anti-war message on her Instagram account. She has now posted a “black sleeveless one-piece outfit” on her Instagram account that has created a buzz.

Medvedeva had posted a text on her Insta that smacked of protest immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. Medvedeva posted this black image using the Stories function on Instagram. On that black screen, she added the message, “Like a bad dream, I hope it all ends as soon as possible.

This drew praise from around the world for Medvedeva. On the other hand, there was also criticism from within the country and fears for her safety for speaking out in Russia, where speech is strictly controlled.

In the midst of all this, Medvedeva released a photo of herself in a gorgeous “black outfit. She has a brave look on her face and is kicking forward with her straight right leg. Her well-trained thighs are very impressive, showing the rigors of her daily training.

Incidentally, this post was to announce the tour of the “Champions on Ice” ice show. What are you drinking ……. Some may think so. However, Medvedeva, who once took action against the Russian government, seems to be appealing to the outside world for her safety by posting “as usual” in this way.

I hope the world where everyone can enjoy figure skating will return soon.

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