Ebizo Ichikawa’s “Apology to Maya Kobayashi” is a measure against digital tattoos on bins | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ebizo Ichikawa’s “Apology to Maya Kobayashi” is a measure against digital tattoos on bins

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Ebizo Ichikawa was “shot” by his sister-in-law, Maya Kobayashi. The impact on the children is worrisome, but…

Maya Kobayashi’s “verbal attacks” on Ebizo Ichikawa appear to have subsided.

Since late March, she has been denying the image of her private life as a woman with children and her problems with women on YouTube and her blog. In addition, she has made public the shocking story that her sister Mao Kobayashi, Ebizo’s wife, “wanted to divorce” her before her death.

Maya had divorced her husband, Gin Kunimitsu, in April of last year, and she was unhappy that Ebizo had unilaterally revealed this to her on his blog in late October of last year.

Certainly, since she had not been able to see Ebizo’s children, bins, Reicho, for a long time at his request, their reunion after a long time became a hot topic of conversation” (reporter for a women’s magazine).

However, according to Maya, she had met her niece and nephew several times before that. As to why Ebizo posted on his blog at that time without asking…

We asked a Kabuki insider. He said it was to camouflage his play with women. As some of you may have seen, Ebizo was photographed with a woman by a weekly magazine.

In order to camouflage his love affair with a woman, he posted a very big private picture on his blog without asking me for permission.

she surmised, and expressed her anger at being taken advantage of.

In her blog on March 30, Maya revealed that Ebizo had contacted her to say that he was “sorry” about the blog. However, in a blog published on April 5

I only received an apology on the 30th, but no apology was given.

and he seems to want only a public message from Ebizo’s side announcing his apology.

However, the “apology” by Ebizo has certainly loosened the hand of the attackers compared to a period of time. He has asked for an apology, but has not made any new revelations.

I was surprised that Ebizo apologized, even if it was privately.

A Shochiku official revealed as much.

“The Kabuki world I have never heard that Mr. Ebizo of Naritaya, who can be said to reign supreme, has apologized to anyone. He is a man of pride. So I think it would be very difficult for him to publicly apologize to Maya and others.

Still, Ebizo says he feels quite hurt by the revelation of Maya, a relative of his. It seems that not only he, but also his children, play a significant role in this.

Ebizo is very concerned that the bins and Reichu will be influenced by what Maya, whom they love, is saying. Even if Maya deletes her videos and blogs, they will remain on the Internet as “digital tattoos. The more she reveals, the more chances her children will see it when they grow up.

Now more than Ebizo, bins have captured the hearts of kabuki fans. Not only Naritaya, but the entire Kabuki world is dependent on his popularity in some respects.

As Mao’s forgotten child, the bins are the ones that everyone, not just kabuki fans, root for. If he is shocked by Maya’s revelation and leaves the Kabuki world, that would be a big deal for Nashien.

Ebizo knows this, which is why he is trying to bring the curtain down on the bins as soon as possible. He should avoid any further “verbal attacks,” even if it means bowing his head, which he does not want to do.

Now nine years old, the bins are showing steady growth as kabuki actors. Will Ebizo be able to bow down for the sake of his son?

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